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Medical Thailand
A section dedicated to news specifically about Thailand's Medical Industry.
Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 03, 2020  2 months ago
Contrary to all the rumors, allegations and fake news circulation in the social media, Thailand’s preparedness for any possible local coronavirus outbreaks has been to date topnotch, due to concerted efforts by the government and also the private sector.   It must be noted that Thailand has numerous JCI accredited hospitals all over the country and has among the best medical intuition...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 02, 2020  2 months ago
In the last three weeks, most media have been abuzz with stories about the coronavirus and so much paranoia has arisen has a result. The truth of the matter is that the mortality rate of the coronavirus for now is only about 2%, unless it mutates. The SARS virus has a mortality rate of 8% while influenza or flu has a mortality rate of between 11 to 17%! Its easy to see that a lot of fuss is going ...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 01, 2020  2 months ago
Thailand’s medical tourism industry is taking a massive blow as a result of the coronavirus epidemic and also due to its air pollution problems.  Record numbers of prospective patients that are using online medical travel agencies or brokers are either cancelling their previous bookings and plans or are asking for alternative destinations. A promotional poster that might no longer wor...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Jan 16, 2020  3 months ago
A variety of noncommunicable chronic diseases such as diabetes are on the rise in Thailand as the country transitions to a high-middle-income country. A study by medical researchers from Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) and Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok identifies the strengths and weaknesses of diabetes care in Thailand's universal healthcare system. Published in the j...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Oct 31, 2019  5 months ago
Despite the recent commendable initiatives by the Thai Government and various agencies in trying to spearhead Thailand as a Regional Hub for medical and biotech  procedures, medical research, biomedical innovations and even as a production hub for biotech products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, it will still take a long way before this realization can actually can take place and one of...
Source:Thailand Medical News  Oct 15, 2019  6 months ago
People don’t talk about service; they all talk about experience. Positive patient experience makes a customer loyal and the hospital as its most preferred healthcare solutions provider.   Medical tourism is the new buzz word in healthcare ecosystem. It refers to people traveling abroad to obtain medical treatment. The Thailand medical tourism industry is booming, as a result of e...
Source: Healthcare IT News  Sep 30, 2019  6 months ago
Grahame Grieve is FHIR Product Director at HL7 International and is often regarded as the as the ‘Founder of FHIR’. A seasoned healthcare interoperability consultant, he has a background in laboratory medicine, software vendor development, clinical research, open source development and has also conceived, developed and sold interoperability and clinical document solutions and products ...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Sep 09, 2019  7 months ago
The Hong Kong Trade Development  Council  (HKTDC)  will featuring a number of companies from Hong Kong at the Medical fair Thailand 2019.   This year, Medical Fair Thailand will be the biggest yet since its  history in beginning in 2003. Medical Fair Thailand 2019 will feature over 1,000 exhibitor booths from over 60 countries and 21 National Pavilions. Included in this ...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Aug 23, 2019  8 months ago
EDITORIAL The Thailand Medical Industry has great potential to help uplift  the local economy over the next few years if more attention and also collaboration is under taken by the various government agencies in a more concerted effort. Thailand has to date more than 1,840 hospitals in the country with more than 37 percent of these being private hospitals, of which 70 percent of these are...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Aug 13, 2019  8 months ago
The French Healthcare Pavilion brings together 11 French companies boasting the latest and most prominent French medical innovations, ranging from hygienic bags, medical beds, autopsy solutions, surgical equipment, medical single-use products, medicinal air and vacuum solutions, to one of the most groundbreaking solutions in the treatment of sleep disorders.     &nbs...
Source; Thailand Medical News  Jul 30, 2019  8 months ago
For health professionals planning to develop a software or an application but have no knowledge of coding, Avalant Co Ltd , a leading software and digital services provider in Thailand has just introduced its novelty product called ONE WEB Digital Maker Platform. Mr Akkarapol Bunworaset The cloud based platform is an easy to use platform for health professionals and organizations wanting to tra...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Jul 19, 2019  9 months ago
Messe Dusseldorf Asia, the organizers of the biennial Medical  Fair Thailand, announced  the initiation of a Medical Startup Park at its coming event in September at Bitec.  The Medical Startup Park will basically be a  showcase dedicated to Stage 3 and Stage 4 medical and innovative healthcare startup companies which are less than 4 years old with products that are ready to be...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Jul 09, 2019  9 months ago
The Medical Devices Asean 2019  exhibition returns for the second year, this time with even more exhibitors, conference programmes and newer and  exciting medical device innovations being showcased. The event is a must for all medical and healthcare professionals and also for distributors , retailers and also manufacturers of medical equiptment and devices and also for individuals inv...
Source: Thailand Medical News  May 27, 2019  10 months ago
Just take look at any Office Tower in Bangkok these days, and you will find either a Starbucks or some other knock off branded coffee outlets with a long queue of local office workers. Many of these office workers despite being on one of the lowest monthly salaries compared to any other well-developed cities around the world, can always be seen holding a cup of these coffee as a sort of status sym...
Source: Thailand Medical News  May 26, 2019  10 months ago
Thai-listed property company Pruksa Holdings PLC is set to open its first hospital in the Saphan Kwai vicinity by 2020.   The 250 bed is targetting the middle-class segment and is JCI accredited. Pruksa is investing a total of Bt 4.9 billion into this venture and is expecting to make profit in the third year of operations.   The hospital and healthcare market is getting extremely compe...
Source: Thailand Medical News  May 09, 2019  11 months ago
First Fertility Group, which comprises of its main clinic in Bangkok located at Rajdamri and also branch clinics in Cambodia and also elsewhere in the region, was recently the recipient of the Fertility Service Provider Of The Year in Asia Pacific by  Global Health and Travel (GHT). The Global Health & Travel Awards recognizes companies that have push boundary of delighting their custo...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Apr 10, 2019  1 year ago
Dealing with multinational insurance companies can often be a nightmare proposition in Thailand, for expats and tourists alike. Provider networks are often limited. Insured patients must usually pay bills upfront with the promise of reimbursement by the insurer later, which either comes months later or not at all. Necessary medical care is often denied because of technicalities.  Structural F...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Apr 08, 2019  1 year ago
This article has been specially commissioned by Thailand Medical News to bring about awareness and also create caution about the excessive usage of PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) that is over prescribed currrently in Thailand to treat acid reflux conditions. A recent landmark population study by US researchers at the University of California -- San Diego has indicated that Proton pump inhibitors ...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Feb 21, 2019  1 year ago
Doctors In Thailand practicing primary care medicine in 2019 have likely met this familiar greeting from a patient: “I Googled my symptoms and I think the problem is [insert condition].” Obviously, this can be unsettling for many providers – doctors in the past were often the first point of reference for patients who otherwise had no way of researching their health concerns on th...
Thailand Medical News  Feb 14, 2019  1 year ago
As in much of the rest of the developed and middle-income nations, diabetes is creating a public health crisis in Thailand. Doctors face a complicated set of challenges related to the illness – not only in how to treat those already affected, but how to prevent the debilitating disease moving into the future. Measures such as proper dietary education and the promotion of exercise, especially...
Thailand Medical News  Feb 07, 2019  1 year ago
Thailand’s PrEP Implementation Progress With Exclusive Interview Comments From Professor Andrew Grulich – The Kirby Institute, UNSW, Sydney PrEP implementation was a very hot, challenging topic at the 21st Bangkok International Symposium on HIV Medicine 2019 organised by HIV-NAT. The Symposium was held at The Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, January 16-18th.. The latter par...
Contributed By Benjamin Bartee  Feb 05, 2019  1 year ago
Thailand, Bangkok in particular, has emerged in recent decades as the worldwide leader in medical tourism, while simultaneously achieving interrelated healthcare milestones, with enormous tangential benefits to its own economy and population as well as to the world at large. Estimates by the U.S. National Library of Medicine indicate that, in 2013, the Kingdom attracted between 700,000 and 2.5 mil...
Thailand Medical News  Jan 30, 2019  1 year ago
An often-overlooked type of STD, oral gonorrhea presents a challenge for healthcare in Thailand and globally. The threat this bacterial infection poses is not limited to the disease itself – there are large-scale public health issues related both to long-term inflammation by an infection in the throat or mouth left untreated and to the wrongful prescription of certain antibiotics that give r...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Jan 28, 2019  1 year ago
In recent years, various agencies within the Thai government have made concerted efforts to curb private medical institutions’ independence by installing burdensome regulations -- most recently by seeking to control what these businesses can charge for specific medicines, procedures, and supplies. Their basic rationale is that cost controls and other measures are necessary to ensure the best...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Jan 26, 2019  1 year ago
The Thai conglomerate, Charoen Pokphand Group is one of the world’s largest. It is also Thailand’s largest private company. With investments in over 30 countries and a huge presence in the Chinese market the group employs over 350,000 staff. It’s 3 core businesses operate in: Agribusiness & Food Retail & Distribution Telecommunications industries So, it was with sur...
Thailand Medical News  Jan 20, 2019  1 year ago
Positive news for Thailand’s healthcare sector was highly welcome when Bloomberg released their Global Health Care Efficiency Index in the last quarter of 2018. Thailand Medical News reviews these extremely positive results and suggest  why momentum must be maintained as well as 2 challenges that must be addressed in order for this momentum to be carried forward on a continuous basis....
Thailand Medical News  Jan 18, 2019  1 year ago
Various research reports on Thailand’s role in the production, local dissemination and exportation to domestic as well as international markets for medical devices reveal healthy forecasts. Predications are that the medical device market in the country  will continue to grow at average rates of between 8.5-10% per annum. Such strength in growth opens exciting opportunities for the Me...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Jan 14, 2019  1 year ago
There are many convincing reasons why expats living in Thailand must take advantage of the country’s healthcare systems. As well as looking at the real benefits to be seen if an individual ever needs to avail of the country’s world-class hospitals, we, at Thailand Medical News will also touch on the more practical matters at local healthcare level. There is a local clinic near you! ...
Staff Writer, Thailand Medical News  Jan 07, 2019  1 year ago
Despite having some of the best vantage points in term of being a being an excellent tourism destination coupled with some of the best medical facilities and hospitals in the world, Thailand is gradually losing its edge as a Medical Tourism destination in the region due to a variety of factors. Among the top three factors amidst an assortment of reasons are:  a) Lack of Proper Medical Mark...

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