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U.S. News - Fire At Faith Lutheran Church in Massachusetts  Apr 10, 2023  2 months ago
U.S. News: A massive fire has broken out at the Faith Lutheran Church in Cambridge Massachusetts and as of the last minutes, it was reported that the fire is still raging despite the fire having started a few hours ago. Pic Credit:   The Cambridge Fire Department first tweeted about the multi-alarm fire at Faith Lutheran Chur...
U.S. News - Trans Now Attacking Women  Apr 08, 2023  2 months ago
-Ex-College Biological Female Swimmer Riley Gaines Attacked by Trans Activists at San Francisco State University While Defending Women Rights.   -The Biden Administration Is Promoting Trans behaviour And Supporting Trans Groups Over All Other Communities.   -Gay Groups Do Not Want To be Associated With Trans Activists And Wants The LGBQT acroynm changed!   The United States is i...
U.S. News - Tennessee House Votes To Expel 2 Of 3 Democrat Members   Apr 07, 2023  2 months ago
U.S. News: In an unprecedented move, Tennessee's GOP-led House voted to expel two Democrat lawmakers, Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, for their involvement in a protest demanding gun control reforms. Image credit: John Partipilo, Tennessee Lookout The protest occurred in the aftermath of a mass shooting by a young transgender at a Nashville private Christian school, which left three ...
U.S. News - Bob Lee Dead - Cash App  Apr 06, 2023  2 months ago
"Many wished that it was not Bob that met such a horrendous fate but rather other tech individuals like the founders of Micros... or Faceb... or the engineers behind Goog..’s latest algorithm updates!"   U.S. News: Bob Lee, the brilliant tech executive and founder of the mobile payment company Cash App, was tragically stabbed and killed in San Francisco at the age of 43. Lee&#...
U.S. News - Tornadoes - Storms  Apr 06, 2023  2 months ago
U.S. News: A series of devastating tornadoes have been tearing through the Midwest and South of the United States, causing widespread destruction, and tragically leaving at least five people dead and many injured in southeastern Missouri.   With the early storm season in full swing, forecasters are closely monitoring the situation, warning of the potential for further extreme weather, inclu...
Earthquake - California  Apr 05, 2023  2 months ago
The 4.5 magnitude earthquake in Northern California, which struck south of Hollister in the last few hours, has raised concerns among geologists and seismologists about the potential for a larger and more damaging earthquake in the near future. Experts believe that this earthquake, which took place near the Calaveras Fault Zone, could have been a foreshock – a smaller quake that precedes a m...
Twitter - Dogecoin - Shiba Inu - Elon Musk  Apr 04, 2023  2 months ago
In a move that left the internet buzzing, Twitter CEO Elon Musk replaced the platform's iconic bird logo with a Shiba Inu image, the symbol of the meme-based cryptocurrency Dogecoin.   The change came as Musk faced a $258 billion racketeering lawsuit accusing him of running a pyramid scheme to support Dogecoin.   This bold move led to a surge in Dogecoin's value, with a more th...
Neil Diamond - Parkinson's Disease  Apr 03, 2023  2 months ago
For the Gen Z who might not know….Neil Leslie Diamond is an American singer-songwriter. He has sold more than 130 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling musicians of all time.   The legendary singer-songwriter Neil Diamond has opened up about his journey with Parkinson's disease and how it has influenced his life and career. Diagnosed in 2018, Diamond initi...
Editorial  Apr 02, 2023  2 months ago
Editorial: Social media is abuzz with lots of strange conspiracy ideas and strange stories the last few days after Yuval Noah Harari, the Jew that is often see at various WEF events and gatherings, often next to the clandestine German Klaus Schwab, proposing lots of stupid absurd ideas about how the world should be run started a movement via twitter last Thursday to have all AI platforms and labs ...
Financial News - India-Malaysia Ditch US Dollars  Apr 02, 2023  2 months ago
Financial News: India and Malaysia have taken a significant step towards strengthening their trade relations by enabling transactions to be settled in Indian Rupees (INR), according to the India Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). This move, initiated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), aims to facilitate the growth of global trade and support the global trading community's interest in INR. As...
America’s New RESTRICT Act  Apr 02, 2023  2 months ago
The bipartisan "Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology (RESTRICT)" act, initially dubbed the "TikTok Ban Bill," has far-reaching implications beyond social media. If passed, the legislation could severely impact virtual private network (VPN) users in the United States, as well as various other communication services and...
U.S. Weather - Tornado Season  Apr 01, 2023  2 months ago
A rare and destructive tornado season is currently unfolding across parts of the United States, with millions of people facing the threat of violent, long-track tornadoes, large hail, and damaging winds.   The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center has issued high-risk storm alerts for several regions, including parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, and ...
BREAKING News: Pope Francis Hospitalized Due To Unknown Respiratory Infection  Mar 30, 2023  2 months ago
Breaking News: Pope Francis, the 86-year-old pontiff, has been hospitalized with a respiratory infection that doctors have yet to be able to identify the pathogens or conditions causing it, sparking concerns about his health and ability to participate in the upcoming Holy Week events. The Vatican announced that the pope, who has had a history of medical issues, will remain in the Rome hospital for...
US.News - Nashville Killings  Mar 28, 2023  2 months ago
A deadly shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee-United States in the last few hours, has left three children and three adults dead. The suspected shooter, Audrey Hale, 28, a transgender was a former student of the private Christian school. Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake revealed that resentment may have played a part in the tragic incident.   Christians And ...
Financial News - Federal Reserve Hikes Interests Rates By 0.25 Percent  Mar 23, 2023  2 months ago
Financial News: In the last few hours, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced the raising of its key short-term interest rate by a quarter percentage point, pushing ahead with its aggressive campaign to tame inflation despite banking and financial crisis following the Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse.   This article examines the reasons behind the rate increase, the potential impact on the ...
AI News - Google Bard - ChatGPT  Mar 22, 2023  2 months ago
AI News: As Google unrolled its AI chatbox called Google Bard to more users in the United States and the United Kingdom in the last few hours, the world of AI chatbots is witnessing a fierce competition between tech giants Google and Microsoft-backed OpenAI that is behind the chatbot ChatGPT.   Both Google Bard and ChatGPT are chatbot tools designed to provide human-like responses to user q...
Many U.S. Banks Expected To Collapse  Mar 20, 2023  2 months ago
A new study published by financial and banking experts from the University of Southern California, Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management, Columbia University - Columbia Business School and Stanford University warns that more than 186 American banks at risk of collapsing rapidly, similar to SVB, Silvergate Capital and Signature Bank sagas!   The experts said that these 200 U...
Banking And Financial News - Credit Suisse And Asian Markets  Mar 20, 2023  2 months ago
How the $3.2 billion emergency rescue deal changed the landscape of Swiss banking   The Unprecedented Deal to Save Credit Suisse   Switzerland's largest bank, UBS, made headlines after agreeing to purchase its struggling rival, Credit Suisse, in an emergency rescue deal designed to halt the financial panic sparked by the collapse of two American banks earlier this month. The Swiss ...
US. News - Trump - American Banks - Chaos  Mar 19, 2023  2 months ago
US News: The former US president, Donald Trump, announced on Saturday, March 18, that he foresees his arrest on Tuesday, March 21, in relation to alleged hush money paid to an adult film actress prior to the 2016 election, and called for his supporters to take to the streets in protest.   Trump, referencing a supposed "leak" from the Manhattan district attorney's office, poste...
Source: Indonesia Coronavirus News  Aug 24, 2020  3 years ago
Indonesia Coronavirus News: In a shocking official announcement, authorities announced that foreign tourists will not be allowed to visit Bali for the rest of 2020 due to coronavirus concerns.   Bali’s governor said that the local administration was scrapping a plan to open up the Indonesian island from next month.   The scenic holiday hotspot re-opened beaches, temples and other...
Source: U.S. COVID-19 News  Aug 13, 2020  3 years ago
U.S. COVID-19 News: Simply forget about the Presidential elections for a moment, forget about Trump or Biden (both as equally hopeless!), forget about the Republicans or Democrats but focus on the sufferings of the American people and the current pandemic and the mess the whole country is in.   To date more than 5.2 Americans have been infected with the SARS-C0V-2 coronavirus with the US CD...
Source: U.S. News  Jul 23, 2020  3 years ago
U.S. News: America has indicted two Chinese nationals for hacking into the computer systems of hundreds of companies, governments, non-governmental organizations and more to steal trade secrets, including data on treatments related to COVID-19 for themselves and in certain cases for the Chinese Government according to the charge sheets.   The American Department of Justice indicted Li Xi...
Source: America-US-United States News  Jul 22, 2020  3 years ago
America-U.S.-United States News: The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating economic and human impact on California child care centers, forcing hundreds of them to close while others remain open at the risk of illness to both children and staff, according to a new report from the University of California, Berkeley. At Rockridge Little School in Oakland, California, owner Holly Gold has had to...


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