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HIV News -Long Lasting PrEP Injectables  Dec 01, 2022  1 year, 3 days, 1 hour, 18 minutes ago

HIV News: New Injectable HIV PrEP That Last For Two Months Costing US$3,700 Developed For HISO Sluts And Upmarket Social Escorts!

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HIV News: New Injectable HIV PrEP That Last For Two Months Costing US$3,700 Developed For HISO Sluts And Upmarket Social Escorts!
HIV News -Long Lasting PrEP Injectables  Dec 01, 2022  1 year, 3 days, 1 hour, 18 minutes ago
HIV News: A new injectable PrEP to combat HIV infections and can last for two months has entered the market but unfortunately the cost of the drug was deliberately aimed at HISO sluts and upmarket prostitutes as it cost about US$3,800 per dose or over US$22,000 per person per year in the United States!

The new injectable PrEP called CAB-LA or cabotegravir-long acting was developed and patented by pharma giant ViiV Healthcare.
It is interesting to note that pharma companies are now shifting their focus away from the poor masses towards the niche markets involving the rich for literally all diseases.
Drug market analysts say that only the promiscuous celebrities, models and billionaires along with the upmarket social escorts or prostitutes would be the only ones that can afford such a PrEP for HIV. (In Thailand we can assume that it will be the ones that are appearing in the various social magazines and society news that will be using them along with the corrupted politicians and corrupted uniformed personnel and Chinese mafia in the country!)
Perhaps the drug will available for free at the former Epstein whore houses that were frequented by various US politicians and many tech billionaires and are believed to have been take over by new operators.
Little attention has been paid to HIV while the world was focused on the COVID pandemic in the last three years.
HIV is still a major global problem. In 2021, according to the United Nations, 38.4 million people were living with HIV, over 650,000 died from AIDS-related illnesses, and 1.5 million became newly infected. Mind you these are simply conservative figures and in reality, the actual numbers could be many-fold!
It was reported in various HIV News coverages that nearly 70% of HIV infections occur in key groups: sex workers and their clients, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, and transgender people and their sexual partners.
Adolescent girls and young women in sub-Saharan Africa are another important group, with nearly 5,000 getting HIV every week.
Promiscuous East Asians (especially Thais) and South Asians along with sex workers in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and The Philippines that are frequented by Western sex tourists are also growing groups of concern.
In the past, HIV prevention were quite limited and consisted of abstinence, being faithful, and condoms.
Multiple attempts at developing a vaccine have been disappointing despite claims by some countries for many years now that they are at a breakthrough especially one country that is very famous for claiming to be at the forefront of medicine and have found cures for Ebola, COVID-19 etc.
Significantly in 2012, HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP was introduced for the first time. />  
The first form of HIV PrEP was a combination oral pill (Truvada) consisting of two medications used to treat HIV ie emtricitabine and tenofovir.
It was found that when taken regularly, PrEP is highly effective in preventing HIV infection and very safe.
This new HIV PrEP was seen as a game-changer by enabling individuals to take charge of their sexual health, particularly for those who could not necessarily control when or how they had sex.
The oral PrEP has worked well for many, particularly for men who have sex with men in high income settings and for serodifferent couples (couples in which one person has HIV and the other does not).
However, for others like young people, it's hard to take a pill consistently during periods of risk for getting HIV.
Despite the awareness of the need for PrEP, lots of obstacles get in the way. Some relate to the person, like forgetfulness, transport to a clinic, and alternative priorities. Other factors relate to stigma and lack of support or even costs.
Unfortunately access to PrEP has been slow and mostly limited to high income countries. Some countries, like Cambodia, Vietnam, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, and Nigeria, have been more proactive than others, but it is still hard for many to get PrEP.
Injectable long -lasting PrEP is a suitable option for many an option but at the time being, the pharma giants are only interested in profits hence the pricings.
CAB-LA or cabotegravir-long acting would be an ideal PrEP drug for many as is given in the buttocks and lasts for two months and is even more effective than oral PrEP and it is safe with no adverse effects.
Another injectable HIV PrEP that is in the pipeline called lenacapavir would only need to be given once every six months, and would be easier to inject because it only needs to go into the skin. It is still in clinical trials.
Again, the proposed pricing of the drug that is developed and patented to yet another pharma giant Gilead, would make it out of reach for the masses and only affordable by the rich.
The U.S. NIH is also working on another long-lasting HIV PrEP drug called CPT31 that can last for 3 months but not much details is about the stage of clinical testing or about proposed pricings yet.,-injectable-drug-cpt31-that-last-for-3-months-to-treat-hiv-coming-soon-
Injectable long-lasting PrEP seems like an ideal solution for many. It's discreet, there's no burden of frequent pill taking, and it can be combined with other services and injections, like contraception for women.
Individuals who participated in the CAB-LA trials in many parts of the world, including sub-Saharan Africa, South America, and the US, really liked it.
Though some public health officials and healthcare workers have worried about the pain and any swelling due to the injection itself, most people do very well.
It is time that Governments and the rich tech billionaires who really want to do some good help finance and support ways to utilize economies of scale and get such long-lasting injectable HIV PrEP drugs down to affordable prices for the masses as in the long term, not only will it decrease the burden on the public healthcare infrastructure but it will also boost a better labor workforce.
Also, regulatory processes and red tapes should be done away with in various countries so as to make these drugs reachable to more people.
The drugs should also be covered by various health insurance policies including universal coverages.
Long-lasting injectable PrEP is a huge advantage for the HIV prevention toolbox. Choice is critical for most interventions to work, and HIV prevention is no different. PrEP use increases when people are given effective options and can choose what works best for them.
HIV PrEP needs to be easier for individuals to take, for instance by making it more easier to use and less complicated along with easy access and affordability.
To mark World HIV Day, perhaps the WHO and various governments along with various tech billionaires should start a new initiative to make long-lasting PrEP injectables affordable for all.
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