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Editorial  Apr 02, 2023  2 months ago
Editorial: Why Is Yuval Noah Harari, The Jew That Is Often Seen At WEF Promoting Absurd Ideas Trying To Stop All AI Platforms From Training?
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Editorial: Why Is Yuval Noah Harari, The Jew That Is Often Seen At WEF Promoting Absurd Ideas Trying To Stop All AI Platforms From Training?
Editorial  Apr 02, 2023  2 months ago
Editorial: Social media is abuzz with lots of strange conspiracy ideas and strange stories the last few days after Yuval Noah Harari, the Jew that is often see at various WEF events and gatherings, often next to the clandestine German Klaus Schwab, proposing lots of stupid absurd ideas about how the world should be run started a movement via twitter last Thursday to have all AI platforms and labs that are much more powerful that ChatGPT to stop the training their systems.

The WEF is a clandestine organization that although is unelected seems to be having a control over a lot of garbage political leaders across the world with a whole range of proposals to control the human race, end freedom and also depopulate the world.
In the last few months since ChatGPT went public in November 2022, there has not only been a high interest in AI and AI platforms and chatbots among the global population but the tech and various industries have rushed to embrace the AI technology with many much more AI platforms and chatbots making their debuts.
While some are worried that AI could replace them and that their jobs could be lost due to AI, in reality…..AI is making the jobs of many more efficient and productive.
However, with Yuval Noah Harari now going public about wanting to have all AI platforms stop training their systems, many are wondering as to what could be reasons.
Thailand Medical News hypothesizes the Yuval Noah Harari is planning to use the WEF to influence all governments to implement a standardized manner in which training will occur for all these platforms with the WEF controlling the training script so that people who access these AI platforms for data or knowledge will only receive views or perspectives as to what WEF wants to dictate!
Already at the moment, most mainstream media through various initiatives such as the BBC trusted News initiative are being controlled as to what they can say and what they cannot through various financial incentives and support. The same goes for various social media platforms including Facebook that censors all negative news about the current COVID-19 vaccines, irrespective if they are true or not.
The AI and tech industry should not only ignore these calls by the Jew at WEF but also move forward and ensure even these AI platforms can replace all the mainstream media and social media platforms currently under the control of the WEF and that there will be freedom of speech and expression.
The general population should also wake up and strike against the WEF, its members and politicians linked to it.
The world is in dire need individuals and movements who can rid the world of those trying to control the human race and freedom.


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