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Source: Omicron Updates  Dec 20, 2021  1 year ago
UK Reporting Increasing Deaths And Hospitalizations From Omicron! The Primates Who Said Omicron Is Mild And Made People Lax Should Be Punished!
UK Reporting Increasing Deaths And Hospitalizations From Omicron! The Primates Who Said Omicron Is Mild And Made People Lax Should Be Punished!
Source: Omicron Updates  Dec 20, 2021  1 year ago
Omicron Updates: Britain’s Deputy Minister Dominic Raab told media an hour ago that more than 12 British citizens have died from the Omicron variant and that about 104 individuals are in the ICU due to Omicron. A majority of them were fully vaccinated or had already received a booster shot!

He further added that the death, ICU and hospitalization figures for Omicron could be far higher as in many cases, actual genomic sequencings have yet to be conducted to see what variant the patient was infected with.
The United Kingdom is experiencing a huge surge in COVID-19 infections and also increased hospitalizations due to both, the Omicron variant and newly Delta sub-variants that have emerged.
In the last 24 hours, the United Kingdom reported 81,959 new COVID-19 cases. It should be noted that as it a Sunday, figures are expected to be typically low but in reality, the actual figures could be man- fold.
Sage experts warned that true figure of variant-linked hospitalizations and deaths could be ten times higher.
Dominic Raab, the deputy prime minister, did not rule out more coronavirus measures. “I just can’t make hard and fast guarantees,” he told media. He said, “In assessing the situation we rely very heavily on the real data coming through and it will take a little bit more time to assess this critical issue of the severity of Omicron.”
It should also be noted that the Omicron variant that is fast spreading in the United Kingdom is different to that found in the laid back and primitive South Africa. The Omicron variant spreading in the United Kingdom is labelled as the England/MILK-2D24AC9/2021 strain or Omicron BA.3 variants.
Unlike the Omicron sub-lineage found in South Africa, the UK Omicron variant uniquely contains the mutations C832T and T223V plus further more changes have been observed in the ORF10 region. A latest update not listed in the github site shows that it also spots the R346K mutation in the RBD.
According to latest Omicron Updates, the variant is now also ravaging across the world and creating exponential COVID-19 infection elsewhere besides the United Kingdom, including the United States, India, Germany, Denmark and Israel.
Israel has decided to ban travel to the US and Canada amid concerns over the Omicron variant.
The new move comes the day after Naftali Bennett, the country’s prime minister, said Israel’s “fifth wave” had started, with 175 Omicron cases identified as of Sunday.
Israelis are also barred from travelling to Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Switzerland and Turkey.
It is now being speculated that the United Kingdom c ould be going into a lockdown before Christmas while in the United States drastic new measures are being planned for after the new year based on infection and death rates.
The Netherlands has already gone into s strict lockdown since yesterday (Sunday) and many other European countries are expected to follow suit in coming days.
Many groups are now calling for those that had been spreading fake news on the various media and making public statements saying that the Omicron variant is a mild variant should be punished or prosecuted legally as without any actual proper scientific proof, so called experts should not have in the beginning spread the fallacy or rather fake news that the Omicron variant was mild, thus causing and influencing the masses to be more laxed and complacent about things resulting in the Omicron even being spread faster.
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