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Thailand Medical
Thailand Medical is a category only dedicated to medical data and statistics about the various aspects of the Thailand Medical Industry.
Source: Thailand Medical News  Aug 11, 2020  4 months ago
Thailand Medical: Local media has been reporting that there seems to be no announcements or follow ups from relevant authorities with regards to a case that was reported in July in which the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division (ATPD) had on the July 15 summoned 10 people suspected of being part of an illegal international surrogacy gang based in Thailand. Suspects charged In the case   It ...
Source: Bacterial Pathogens  Jul 31, 2020  4 months ago
Bacterial Pathogens: A first ever landmark study using next-generation technology to comprehensively examine contaminants in oysters in Myanmar reveals alarming findings including the widespread presence of human bacterial pathogens and human-derived microdebris materials, including plastics, kerosene, paint, talc and milk supplement powders. The research led by scientists from the University o...
Source: COVID-19 Disinfectants  May 04, 2020  7 months ago
COVID-19 Disinfectants: As various countries around the world ease shutdowns or lockdowns either as a result of COVID-19 infections decreasing or due to increasing economic pressure to restart up businesses, it is also imperative that more precautionary and safety measures along social distancing guidelines are put into place to prevent new spikes of infections.   Health authorities, companie...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Nov 23, 2019  1 year ago
Whenever I go shopping at the hypermarkets in Bangkok, I always tend to neglect to read the ingredient labels on my frozen shrimp bags.  Frozen shrimp is a staple in my home. Yes, I know this is Thailand and fresh seafood is easily available and cheap. The fresh ones are more tasty but for person like me who is ever too busy with my online news projects, I do not have the time to peel, dev...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Oct 21, 2019  1 year ago
Was recently shocked to see the number of clinics in Thailand openly advertising Stem Cell Therapies on their websites and also at their clinics. In one location near the land department office at Nonthaburi, I counted like 17 clinics offering stem cells but all did not seem to have any doctors on duty and the staff could not tell us much except the pricings and that the nurses ther...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Sep 26, 2019  1 year ago
Thailand Fertility And Reproductive Medicine Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital and Vejthani Hospital  are the two top centres for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Procedures in Bangkok.   In the cosy waiting room of Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital Fertility Centre, one of the world’s leading centres of in-vitro fertilization (IVF), some 40 people are seated, of which only about 4 coupl...


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Aug 13, 2020  4 months ago
Source : Thailand Medical news
Feb 05, 2020  10 months ago

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