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About Us
Thailand Medical News was conceived to serve as a collaborative platform for all involved in the Medical Industry in Thailand to showcase and highlight Thailand as a Leading Medical Hub in the world. It is also to serve as an informative media, keeping all involved in the medical industry and also patients or laymen interested in health with the latest developments and news not only from Thailand but also from around the world. The Online Platform will be supported with social media, print media, events etc to make it more known an accessible and known and to become a leading informative media in the region.
Thailand Medical News was initially set up to showcase Thailand's Medical industry but has evolved to become an international medical news site that today atttracts millions of international readers and local expats and foreign educated Thais and we collaborate with hundreds of medical instituitions and research centers across the world.

The site is not financially supported by any Thai government agency nor by any Thai companies or by the local Medical or Biotech industry as most of them are basically clueless, egoistic and selfish with nepotism,greed and cronyism at play. Rather we are getting better support from entities in the US, Canada, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore  and Europe.Also its a fallacy to assume that Thailand's medical and biotech industry is advanced and good as many other of its neighbours such as Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia have already superseeded its standing. 

Besides Thailand medical news, we have a variety of other free informative free medical websites under development including,, , and many other,, ,,,, etc

We are just a small entity and that is self-funded and struggling but we have a wide range of medical doctors and experts who support the site via their free advisory roles.One of our plans plans and dream is to established a Fully Integrated Resource Library on Cancer. 

We hope that more people would come forth and help us in what we are doing.



Source : Thailand Medical news
Feb 05, 2020  8 months ago