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Financial News - Federal Reserve Hikes Interests Rates By 0.25 Percent  Mar 23, 2023  9 months ago
Financial News: In the last few hours, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced the raising of its key short-term interest rate by a quarter percentage point, pushing ahead with its aggressive campaign to tame inflation despite banking and financial crisis following the Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse.   This article examines the reasons behind the rate increase, the potential impact on the ...
Sourec:Thailand Medical News  Oct 08, 2019  4 years ago
The biotech industry, research facilities, major hospitals and also the stock markets in US and Europe were in a state of shock about the news of the German genetic testing company disclosure of a reversal of its genome sequencing strategy and also the resignation of longtime CEO Peer Schatz. Qiagen's Ex CEO Peer Schatz. Qiagen the maker of diagnostic kits for cancer and tuberculosis and al...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Jul 17, 2019  4 years ago
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology are the hottest sectors at the moment and so many companies are involved in cutting edge product developments and extensive clinical trials. More often than not, if a company has an important breakthrough then it’s stock price generally surges. Over the course of 2019, some biotech stocks have made millions  following the surge in the move that biotech ...
Source: Thailand Medical News  May 19, 2019  5 years ago
Despite the ongoing China and US trade war that has sent many stock markets into a tumble, US Biotech stocks are still looking promising as ever and will most probably be the most resilient stocks in  times of uncertainty. As usual, we are still staying away from Thai Stocks due to so much ongoing political uncertainties despite the elections and even with whatever government that comes into ...
Source: Thailand Medical News  Apr 19, 2019  5 years ago
As usual, our advice from the team at Thailand Medical News is to focus on the US stock markets rather than the local stocks due to a variety of reasons. The US stock market looks as promising as ever especially when it comes to healthcare and biotech stocks. The U.S. soon will spend nearly 20% of its gross domestic product on health care. This comes as health care costs outpace the rise...
Thailand Medical News  Feb 22, 2019  5 years ago
We continue our series of stock recommendations, still focusing on Medical and Biotech stocks in the US, as considering the political uncertainties facing Thailand, its best to stay clear of the Thailand Stock Market for the rest of the year. Medical and Biotechnology  stocks are  simultaneously one of the most exciting and one of the riskiest corners of the stock market. Biotech co...
Thailand Medical News  Jan 25, 2019  5 years ago
Continuing on our advice of the Global Medical ,Healthcare, Biotech and Pharma Stocks, we continue to advise all in executing caution and due diligence in buying Thai Healthcare, Medical, Pharma Stocks due to recent local Government intervention in the private healthcare sector and putting medical services and products under price control restrictions etc, coupled with the unpredictable political ...
Thailand Medical News  Jan 02, 2019  5 years ago
Unfortunately, we do not recommend touching any Thai stocks or even Asian stocks at the moment considering the strong volatility plus pessimistic outlook for Thailand and the region. Furthermore, considering many political uncertainities in Thailand, its best to stay clear on investing in the Thailand SET for the time being.. The US however, still possess many lucrative and interesting deals. &n...
Source: Zacks Equity Research   Oct 23, 2018  5 years ago
October traditionally has been a weak month for stocks. However, biotech stocks have shown significant resilience so far this year, with the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF (IBB) gaining 11.5% year-to-date (YTD).  Additionally, the broader Health Care Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLV) has risen 15.1% YTD, better than the S&P 500’s increase of 9% during the same period. Health problems...


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