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Nikhil Prasad  Fact checked by:Thailand Medical News Team Nov 22, 2023  3 months, 2 days, 14 hours, 13 minutes ago

U.S. Medical News: Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maine And Colorado Are States Witnessing A Rise In COVID-19 Deaths!

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U.S. Medical News: Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maine And Colorado Are States Witnessing A Rise In COVID-19 Deaths!
Nikhil Prasad  Fact checked by:Thailand Medical News Team Nov 22, 2023  3 months, 2 days, 14 hours, 13 minutes ago
U.S. Medical News: In a concerning trend, the latest data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals a notable increase in COVID-19 related deaths in eight states across the United States for the week ending November 11. The affected states include Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maine, Colorado, and Maryland……. with Maryland reporting the highest jump at 3 percent.

Credit: U.S. CDC

American health officials are sounding alarms, cautioning that America may experience a surge in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths as the winter months approach, weakening immune systems due to seasonal illnesses like colds and the flu.
The rise in COVID-19 deaths in the United States follows a steady increase in cases since June, reaching a peak in September before stabilizing around 15,000 nationwide in October and November. A CDC spokesperson previously highlighted that October traditionally marks the beginning of the respiratory virus season, with hospitalization rates anticipated to increase during the winter months.
Despite the rise, the percentage of deaths attributed to COVID-19 remains relatively low, accounting for an average of 2.4 percent of all deaths in the United States during the week ending November 11, according to U.S. CDC data. Overall, deaths increased by 0.2 percent compared to the previous week.
Colorado and Maryland emerged as the two states with the highest percentage of COVID-related deaths, constituting 4.3 and 5.5 percent of all deaths, respectively. In 12 other states, including Illinois, Maine, Michigan, and North Carolina, COVID-19 deaths accounted for between 2 and 3.9 percent. Meanwhile, five states - Arizona, California, Florida, New Jersey, and Texas - reported death rates at 2 percent or below.
In 21 states across America, including Alabama, Georgia, and Washington, there were only between one and nine deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the week ending November 11.
Remarkably, Alaska, the District of Columbia, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, and Vermont reported a zero percent death rate due to COVID-19 during the same period.
According to the World Health Organization, the cumulative reported COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. reached 1,138,309 as of November 16, 2023. The CDC has emphasized the importance of vaccination, recommending booster shots for all, particularly those in vulnerable categories, as the winter season unfolds.
As the holidays approach in America, the surge in COVID-19 deaths is raising concerns among health experts. The U.S. CDC's data through November 11 shows absolute increases ranging from 0.1 percent in Colorado to 3 percent in Maryland. Colorado and Maryland are the only states where the percentage of deaths caused by COVID-19 in the past week falls within the yellow range, indicating 4 to 5.9 percent of deaths. Maine closely trails at 4 percent.
Nationally, the absolute increase in COVID-19 deaths rose by 0.2 percent for the week ending November 11.
Simultaneously, hospitalizations due to COVID-19 increased by 8.6 percent. Presently, only 1.3 percent of U.S. counties (42 in total) are classified as having high hospital admission levels. Hospitalization rates have become a critical metric since the end of the public health emergency, with approximately 86 percent of the country considered low in hospital admission rates.
The U.S. CDC's Respiratory Disease Season Outlook for the United States predicts a comparable number of hospitalizations to the previous winter. Although the actual figures might vary, they are anticipated to surpass pre-pandemic levels.
Most parts of the country are experiencing minimal or low rates of emergency department (ED) visits with positive COVID-19 cases. However, the most recent data reveals a 7.1 percent rise in ED visits.
In fact, some local U.S. Medical News outlets are reporting that some counties across the United States are witnessing high volumes of Emergency Department admissions due to severe respiratory infections.
New Mexico stands out as the only state reporting "substantial" rates of ED visits with positive COVID-19 cases. Unfortunately, data for other states, including Oklahoma, Missouri, and Minnesota, is currently unavailable.
The surge in COVID-19 deaths in America ahead of the holidays underscores the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic and highlights the urgency of vaccination efforts, especially in the face of emerging variants and seasonal health challenges.
The U.S. CDC's recommendation for booster shots remains a crucial strategy to enhance immunity and curb the impact of the virus in the coming months. As the nation navigates this critical juncture, vigilance and proactive measures will be essential to safeguard public health and mitigate the potential toll of the virus during the winter season.
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