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COVID-19 News - UK COVID-19 Crisis  Jan 01, 2023  11 months, 6 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes ago

BREAKING! COVID-19 News: UK’s COVID-19 Crisis Is Now Worse Than China! No Hospital Beds And No Oxygen And No Death Reporting! WHO Should Intervene!

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BREAKING! COVID-19 News: UK’s COVID-19 Crisis Is Now Worse Than China! No Hospital Beds And No Oxygen And No Death Reporting! WHO Should Intervene!
COVID-19 News - UK COVID-19 Crisis  Jan 01, 2023  11 months, 6 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes ago
COVID-19 News: The COVID-19 crisis has reached a catastrophic point in the United Kingdom that reflects the country is even in a far worse off position than China!

The WHO should also urgently intervene and also request the British government to be more transparent as there has been no COVID-19 deaths being reported for the past few days now despite the fact that daily symptomatic COVID-19 infections have been hovering above the 220,000 mark for the last two weeks now.
Strangely, the British health analytics firm: Airfinity that has been actively predicting about death rates in China and disseminating their predictions to Reuters, could not predict about the situation in their own country! Perhaps Reuters can do a COVID-19 News release about the projected death rates in the UK with an angle for the British government to pursue buying more Pfizer’s shots to help improve the situation in the country. (Google Reuters relationship with Pfizer!),-airfinity-says-more-than-5,000-people-dying-daily-in-china-from-covid-19-no-data-on-uk-deaths-though
This might not go down with with Rishi Sunak though as a result of his vested interest with Moderna.
Some Chinese researchers are however predicting that up to 3000 Brits could be dying a day in the country a with a population of 67.33 million either directly or indirectly due to COVID-19! They also project that up to half a million Brits could end up dead from now till the 31st of March 2023, not so much from COVID-19 but rather due the way that the COVID-19 crisis is being managed there by the Tories!
Local British media are reporting that the situation is so bad in the United Kingdom at the moment such that there are literally no hospital beds available and that hospitals are running low on oxygen supplies and basic drugs! It was also reported that mortuaries are piling up and that undertakers and crematoriums are literally overwhelmed!
Media reports show that the NHS has literally collapsed!

 Although genomic sequencing data from the UK has been uploaded to public sharing platforms on a regular basis, there is now emerging suspicions as to whether these are data that has been pre vetted and filtered so as to prevent the whole form knowing what is actually developing in the UK with regards to the SARS-CoV-2. Some of the racist white virologists and biostatisticians involved with SARS-CoV-2 variant tracking in London and Basel are capable of such deeds due to their racist nature. (Two of these individuals have made derogatory remarks about our site on twitter and we have lodged legal cases against them in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, India and the United States where we have our various offices and presence and we are simply waiting for the day that they land for any medical events or social trips there!
Chinese authorities have said that they are willing to provide assistance to the British government with regards to the COVID-19 crisis unfolding in the United Kingdom should the Brits reach out officially for help.
In meanwhile, other countries should take note of the catastrophic situation unfolding in UK and start imposing stringent health screenings and quarantine for all travelers originating from the United Kingdom and preferably ban all travel to and from the United Kingdom for the time not only as a precaution against more virulent SARS-CoV-2 variants but also from other possibly new mutated pathogens in the UK such as RSV, Influenza, Strep A, Norovirus etc. (Note that recent Monkeypox started from there currently there are also reported outbreaks of measles etc)
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