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Marburg Virus News - Prophylactics-Drugs-Therapeutics-Herbs-Phytochemicals  Feb 14, 2023  1 month ago
Marburg Virus: Potential Drugs And Phytochemicals That Can Be Used To Prevent Or Treat Marburg Virus Infections That Warrant Further Studies
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Marburg Virus: Potential Drugs And Phytochemicals That Can Be Used To Prevent Or Treat Marburg Virus Infections That Warrant Further Studies
Marburg Virus News - Prophylactics-Drugs-Therapeutics-Herbs-Phytochemicals  Feb 14, 2023  1 month ago
Marburg Virus: With the announcement by WHO of a Marburg virus outbreak in Equatorial Guinea which is located in Central Africa that started just last week but has already left 9 dead and hundreds more possibly infected and with suspicions that the Marburg Virus has already spread to neighboring country Gabon, there is a dire need for researchers to start finding potential prophylactic and therapeutics for the disease including safe but effective antivirals that can help to manage the current outbreak and future outbreaks.

The WHO, U.S. CDC and ECDC has all said that there is currently no known drugs that can prevent or treat the Marburg Virus disease or MVD that has a fatality rate of about 88 percent!
Past studies have showed that a number of existing drugs could be repurposed to treat Marburg virus infections and also a number of phytochemicals extracted from herb could be used as either prophylactics or as therapeutics but all these needs more detailed studies and proper randomized clinical trials.
Tilorone (Tilorone dihydrochloride), trade names Amixin or Lavomax is a broadspectrum oral antiviral made in the United States which past studies have showed to be effective against the Marburg virus.
Another potential dug is Quinacrine which studies have shown to be effective against the Ebola virus and also many other viruses, with possible efficacy against the Marburg virus.
Quinacrine or mepacrine, trade name Atabrine, is a medication with several uses. It is related to chloroquine and mefloquine and in the past has been used to treat malaria.
Pyronaridine or Pyronaridine tetraphosphate is another potential drug candidate that could also be repurposed to treat Marburg Virus. Past animal-based studies have demonstrated its efficacy against the Ebola and also Marburg virus.
/> One past study by Canadian researchers involving a mouse model showed that favipiravir could be repurposed to treat Marburg Virus infections.
A past silico study showed that the phytochemical Semicochliodinol B from the fungi Chrysosporium merdarium could be studied for use as antiviral against the Marburg Virus due to mechanistic properties targeting the virus proteins.
Another study showed that a combination of monoclonal antibodies and remdesivir was effective in treating Marburg virus in macaques. (We are however skeptical about remdesivir due to its toxic effects! There were no reports from the study if the macaques subsequently died due to complications associated with remdesivir usage!)
Silico studies have also indicated that phytochemicals from the andrographis paniculata plant could also be used to treat Marburg Virus disease.
A Japanese silico study also showed that phytochemicals from the Indian curry leaf plant or Murraya koenigii could also be sued to treat Marburg virus disease.
The monoclonal antibodies MR228 and MR235 was found to be protective against Marburg virus infections.
Vitamins D, K, B and E also helps with Marburg Virus disease recovery.
A study conducted by researchers from British Columbia has shown that Lipid Encapsulated Small Interfering RNA could serve as prophylactics against the Marburg Virus.
All these potential candidates need more urgent detailed studies considering the threat the world is under.
Though there are a number of vaccines that have been developed for use to prevent Marburg virus, there are no known long term safety studies of these vaccines yet.
Interestingly, just days before the Marburg Virus outbreak in Equatorial Guinea, the U.S. NIH has announced that it had developed an effective vaccine against the Marburg Virus.
Detailed investigations revealed that Fauci was behind this development that started a few years before and was supported by the U.S army’s DARPA and Gates, and was authorized by the Obama administration!
For the latest updates on the Marburg Virus threat, keep on logging to Thailand Medical News.
PS: We hope that the charlatan group…FLCC does not once again steal ideas for Marburg virus treatment protocols without giving due credit to us and also profitting from it financially! (As a precaution, we have deliberately left out three interesting drug and phytochemical  candidates which cannot be found online!)
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