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COVID-19 News - 207 Different XBB Sub-lineages  May 23, 2023  4 months, 1 week, 3 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes ago

More Than 207 SARS-CoV-2 XBB Sublineages In Circulation Globally In Last 30 Days And More To Come! COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Over?

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More Than 207 SARS-CoV-2 XBB Sublineages In Circulation Globally In Last 30 Days And More To Come! COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Over?
COVID-19 News - 207 Different XBB Sub-lineages  May 23, 2023  4 months, 1 week, 3 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes ago
COVID-19 News: An interesting detail that many are unaware of is that in the last 30 days, we have more than 207 XBB sub-lineages, many with unique mutations on them, in circulation globally.*&

More than half of them have already been identified in at least in 10 or more countries and about 37 of them are already circulating in more than 40 countries.
We have not even touched on the Deltacron sub-lineages that are still in circulation in certain geolocations nor have we brought up the newer BA.1 or BA.5 sub-lineages that have emerged and are expected to make a big comeback in the very near future nor have we talked about newer worrisome SARS-CoV-2 strains detected in minks and ferrets or about certain cryptic variants detected in waste water studies.,-driving-new-covid-19-onslaught-in-queensland,-australia*+%26+%21nextcladepangolineage%3Abq.1*&,-being-replaced-by-ba-2-sub-lineages-and-various-recombinants-we-say-no
If one is monitoring the GISAID, Outbreak Info, Bloomlab, COV-Spectrum and Pango-designation platforms, it is clearly seen that there are so many more XBB sub-lineages and other variants and recombinant strains emerging.
According to the World Health Organization, for the period 17th of April 2023 to 14th May 2 023, there were nearly 2.6 million new COVID-19 infections and 17,000 COVID-19 deaths!
These figures can actually be as high as 2 to 2.5-fold as many countries are underreporting or not reporting at all! We have not even touched on the excess deaths rate.
Meanwhile we have also to take note COVID-19 testing and worse genomic sequencing has really gone down drastically.
We are literally navigating in the dark with regards to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and in terms of asymptomatic infections and asymptomatic transmissions, we are totally clueless as to what is happening.,-evolve-to-cause-asymptomatic-spreads-and-are-better-adapted-for-viral-persist
At present, literally all the existing monoclonal therapeutics are ineffective to treat infections with the newer XBB sub-lineages that are more immune evasive.
The efficacy of the only antiviral left i.e. Paxlovid is really questionable especially when considering the newer XBB sub-lineages. Furthermore, drug resistant strains even to Paxlovid have already emerged.
The bivalent boosters that many governments keep on advocating and insists prevents disease severity and reduces risk of mortality is really questionable as emerging new data shows that it does not do so especially in those in the vulnerable groups ie the aged, the obese, the immunocompromised and those with existing comorbidities. We are seeing reports of many of these people in the vulnerable groups despite being fully vaccinated, still succumbing to infections by the newer XBB sub-lineages.
Strangely, we still occasionally have experts from the WHO making media comments that have been covered on various COVID-19 News coverages that we have the tools to deal with the current COVID-19 crisis and to eradicate COVID-19…my question is what tools????
Even NPI measures such as masking, social distancing have been done away with and no country has really paid any attention to improving air-quality in enclosed and indoor locations especially schools, offices and malls. Health screenings and border controls have been done away with.
We are now learning that there is no such thing as COVID-19 recovery as majority will continue to suffer from chronic viral persistence.
Chronic viral persistence which can also be asymptomatic for a while in many, will ultimately lead to a variety of health and medical issues, some that can even lead to fatal outcomes such as organ failures including heart failures, strokes, etc…..all contributing to excess death rates.
It should be noted that the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its viral peptides can impair, damage or dysregulate more than 1700 different human host cellular pathways, genes, proteases, cells and tissues! These can lead to so many complications in the exposed individuals especially in the long term.,449-human-host-plasma-proteins-altered-by-sars-cov-2-infection-database-useful-for-long-covid
In fact, we at Thailand Medical news strongly believe in our hypothesis that majority exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus will have shortened lifespans and reinfections will even shorten their lives drastically!
Now with all these simple points that we have highlighted here, lets go back to January 30th 2020 when WHO declared COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency of International concern (PHEIC).
Global COVID-19 infections and COVID-19 deaths then were at a very minimal level then except for COVID-19 infection and death rates in China which were still below 100,000 and 10,000 respectively for each category and we were only dealing with one SARS-CoV-2 variant then!
My question simply is considering the current COVID-19 situation, the number of SARS-CoV-2 variants and sub-lineages we are dealing with, the number of infections and deaths and the kinetics of the pandemic and what we now know about the seriousness of exposure to the virus in terms of long-term health issues, how the hell did the morons at the WHO declare that COVID-19 is no longer an international public emergency?
At the moment, many countries like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea etc are all witnessing a rise in COVID-19 infections and people are still dying from COVID-19. In a mater of a few months, we should see an even catastrophic onslaught in the United States and parts of Europe.
While those controlling the COVID-19 narratives have succeeded in now making SARS-CoV-2 literally the ‘silent killer’, its time that the masses really wake up and understand what a serious health crisis we are currently under. Forget about climate change….the SARS-CoV-2 crisis that is now also causing lots of reinfections is bringing about a Global Immune Landscape change that will also lead to the evolution of other existing pathogens and also give rise to newer strains of various pathogens responsible for diseases like TB, measles, herpes, other respiratory diseases etc. The human race is literally under a serious threat of depopulation!
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