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Herbs And Phytochemicals
A new section dedicated to latest scientific research On Herbs And Phytochemicals.
Nikhil Prasad  Sep 07, 2023  16 days ago
Herbs-Phytochemicals: In recent years, the world has faced two significant health challenges: incidences of bladder cancer which seems to be rising every year and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Bladder cancer remains a formidable global health concern, while the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 has caused widespread illness and mortality. A new study conducted by researchers from the Aff...
Thailand Medical News Team  Aug 17, 2023  1 month ago
Herbs-Phytochemicals: In the realm of medical research, the quest for innovative solutions often leads scientists down unexpected paths, sometimes revealing a synergistic relationship between ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. Recent research conducted by a team from Peking University, China, has uncovered a remarkable interplay between traditional Chinese medicinal compounds and cutting-edge ph...
Thailand Medical News Team  Aug 11, 2023  1 month ago
Herb-Spice News: In a groundbreaking revelation, a recent study conducted by Texas A&M AgriLife has unveiled a treasure trove of health benefits nestled within the aromatic embrace of cardamom. Widely known for its exquisite flavor and aromatic allure, and a key component of Indian Chai Lattes, this unassuming spice has now ascended to the status of a "superfood" due to its remarkabl...
Phytochemicals - Radiation Fallout  Jun 24, 2023  3 months ago
Kindly Note To Procure Whatever Necessary Phytochemicals You Might Need Prior To A Nuclear Incident And Not After!   Phytochemicals: As a result of the uncertain times that we currently live in, it is always best to prepare for a potential nuclear war especially with the current developments taking place in Russia. If you are one of the few lucky ones that survive, its best to know how to dea...
Phytochemicals - Peruvoside - SARS-CoV-2  Jun 24, 2023  3 months ago
Plant Based Compound Can Be Used To Treat Various Virus Infections Including Those Caused By SARS-CoV-2, Zika Virus, Dengue Virus And Enteroviruses!   Phytochemicals: In a groundbreaking discovery, scientists from Singapore have found that peruvoside, a phytochemical compound derived from the Cascabela thevetia plant (Commonly called as Yellow Oleander) , exhibits potent antiviral properties ...


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