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James Rosh  Jan 08, 2024  1 month, 1 week, 6 days, 6 hours, 8 minutes ago

Thailand Medical: Doctors Should Look Out For Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Young Boys During Health Check-Ups As Cases Of Boy Rapes Are Rising In Thailand!

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Thailand Medical: Doctors Should Look Out For Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Young Boys During Health Check-Ups As Cases Of Boy Rapes Are Rising In Thailand!
James Rosh  Jan 08, 2024  1 month, 1 week, 6 days, 6 hours, 8 minutes ago
Thailand Medical: While Thailand is promoting its soft-power by promoting the production and distribution of boy-love-boy TV drama series and movies… twitter, line groups and platforms like Only Fans are getting filled with amateur productions of local gay porn! In fact, some speculate that Thailand is probably the leading gay porn producer at the moment and it something that the authorities concerned should be looking into! On the dark side of things, some of these local gay porn that are sold online sometimes contains clips involving boys below the legal age being sexually abused and sometimes clips involving actual boy rapes are also being found!

Boy Rape Is Worryingly Increasing In Thailand
Because of the economic situation in Thailand and the big gap between the poor and the corrupted rich, many underage boys are also being lured into the sex industry. At certain gay cruising areas like outside the Saranrom Park in Bangkok, certain riverside spots in Bangkok and certain parks in Ratchburi and Chiang Mai, it is common to see underage boys selling sex services to men. It was reported that there are even mobile apps that school boys can even use to sell themselves to generate side incomes. Such is the situation that it came to no surprise that a recent case highlighted the case of a school boy contracting a severe case of monkeypox recently.
There are lot of foreign gay pedophiles from United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, United States, Singapore and many Middle-Eastern countries coming to Thailand to find young local boys to sexually abuse as they are aware of strategies to avoid getting caught while doing so in the country.Often there are Thai pimps assiting them to procur underage boys.
Worryingly, the incidence of HIV and other sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis and gonorrhea is also rising among the teen populations in Thailand thanks to social media, online porn and the sex trade.
Many of these teens do not know the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and do not know where to seek help when they are developing symptoms.
However, our focus in this Thailand Medical News report concerns the rising cases of boy rape occurring in the country. In many cases, many boys refuse to divulge the crimes committed against them for fear of shame or being ridiculed by others.
Many do not even know if they have contracted any diseases during their abuse and many end up with mental issues and permanent scarring for the rest of their lives.
Often many of the perpetrators of these rapes are people close to these boys. There have been many reported incidences of monks, teachers, sport coaches, relatives and even uniformed personnel such as soldiers involved in raping boys.
A recent high-profile case involves 9 young male football players aged less than 13 years of age who were raped by their sports coach and the sponsor of the school football team who is a retired soldier!
The case sheds light on what could be happening in various football clubs across Thailand and it will be of no shock if investigations show that many footballers in Thailand have been previously sexually abused. Perhaps the sexually deviant coaches and team sponsors think that raping these boys would provide them with more flexibility and dexterity and enhance their football skills on the fields!
The boy rape endemic in Thailand needs more activist groups and even doctors to now get involved as there are no other decent groups that can be trusted as teachers, monks, uniformed personnel, relatives, sport coaches etc have all been implicated in the past.
Thailand Doctors can play a big role by possibly identifying boy rape victims during health check-ups or screenings and also the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand should also start mental health screenings across schools to help identify rape victims.
Many of these boys will need not only mental health counselling but also proper guidance and even medical health care.
Doctors should also provide educational materials and advice to parents to be on the look-out for signs that their sons could have been sexually abused.
Doctors can also organize educational sessions about sexual abuse and sexually transmitted disease across schools and provide channels where affected teens could turn to for help.
This growing culture of boy rape in Thailand has to stop or else it can have major ramifications in Thailand’s society in the future.
Thai authorities also need to step up their proactive strategies on curbing such crimes. They can first start by dealing with platforms that promote sex porn online. Currently, Thailand Medical News had identified more than 187 twitter accounts (now stupidly known as X) in Thailand promoting local gay porn! Perhaps the authorities should hold the X platform responsible and maybe even ban the X patform (formerly twitter) altogether in Thailand!

It is also important for decent Thai citizens and the local community to keep a look out and report any suspcious activity and possible cases of sexual abuse involving young children to the releveant authorities or agencies that can be trusted.
Thailand Medical News will be providing more updates on this concerning subject.


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