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Thailand News  Jul 12, 2023  7 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 13 hours, 6 minutes ago

Thailand News: Election Commission Seeks Pita's Disqualification, Kao Klai Fights Back, Vows Lawsuit

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Thailand News: Election Commission Seeks Pita's Disqualification, Kao Klai Fights Back, Vows Lawsuit
Thailand News  Jul 12, 2023  7 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 13 hours, 6 minutes ago
One of the few non-medical Thailand News coverages to fill in for the temporary demise of a certain English mainstream media.
Thailand News: Sadly, in a stunning turn of events, the Election Commission (EC) of Thailand has filed a petition with the Constitutional Court, calling for the disqualification of Pita Limjaroenrat, the Prime Ministerial candidate of the Kao Klai Party (Move Forward Party). The petition alleges that Pita holds 42,000 shares in media firm iTV, which is in violation of constitutional provisions.

Pic credit: Bloomberg
The EC's decision has sparked controversy and heated debates, with the Move Forward Party accusing the commission of failing to follow its own rules and denying Pita the opportunity to defend himself. Move Forward Party representatives assert that the EC's actions violate Article 157 of the Criminal Code, which prohibits state officials from neglecting their legal duties.
Chaitawat Tulathon, Secretary General of the Kao Klai Party, swiftly responded to the EC's move by vowing to sue the Election Commission for its alleged misconduct. He emphasized that the EC did not provide Pita with a chance to clarify the allegations against him and merely carried out its own fact-checking process. Chaitawat argued that the EC deliberately disregarded its own regulations, potentially committing an offense under Section 157 of the Criminal Code.
Expressing concern over the politicization of the process to various local Thailand News networks, Chaitawat questioned the independence and impartiality of organizations involved in the investigation, comparing the situation to past instances where independent bodies were accused of being political tools. He urged these organizations to exercise their power responsibly and warned of potential consequences when politics returns to normalcy.
Despite the ongoing controversy, Chaitawat affirmed that Pita remains a legitimate candidate for Prime Minister, retaining his rights and the support from the Kao Klai Party. He called for calm among supporters and emphasized that the highest righteousness lies in the power of the people. The Progressive Party, he stated, is committed to representing the voices of the people and fulfilling its duty to the nation.

As the case moves forward, with the Constitutional Court expected to review the petition, the outcome remains uncertain. However, Chaitawat reassured the public that the EC's actions do not directly affect the parliamentary process of selecting the Prime Minister. He dismissed claims that the vote would be postponed, expressing confidence in the Speaker of Parliament's commitment to upholding democratic principles.
Amid the intense political climate, the Progressive Party maintains that it has no backup plan if Pita is not elected as Prime Minister. Undeterred by the controversy, the party intends to proceed as usual, highlighting Pita's constitutional right to be a candidate and his nomination for Prime Minister on the designated day.
As Thailand stan ds at a crossroads, tomorrow's events will determine whether the country returns to politics that disregard the will of the people or embraces a path that restores normalcy and advances the democratic system. The authority now faces a critical choice, with the people eagerly waiting to see how this political drama unfolds.
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