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Source: Omicron News  Dec 26, 2021  1 year, 11 months, 1 week, 1 day, 19 hours, 26 minutes ago

Warning! Omicron Is Still Evolving! The World Will Pay Dearly For Assuming It Is Mild.

Warning! Omicron Is Still Evolving! The World Will Pay Dearly For Assuming It Is Mild.
Source: Omicron News  Dec 26, 2021  1 year, 11 months, 1 week, 1 day, 19 hours, 26 minutes ago
Unlike the Delta variant,the new B.1.1.529 or Omicron variant has a lot of surprises in store for the world. While ignorant and ‘old school’ researchers and so called ‘experts’ are merely looking at the initial symptoms upon infection, they are not paying attention to the details of  the pathogenesis of the new variant and how it is uniquely disrupting the various cellular pathways of the human host differently from that of the earlier strains, (Preliminary emerging data from studies being conducted are indicating these) coupled with the fact that the omicron variant is aggressively  evolving (a simple analysis of the sequencing data published on Nextstrain, GISAID and sequencing data published on the Github platform will show the various sub-lineages emerging especially in Europe and North America, with additional unique mutations and deletions). For example, just in the United States alone, out of 1130 genomic sequences, more than 317 had additional unique mutations on them. Example are just these 10 identified sub-variants:

Just in the last 10 days the number of such sub-lineages emerging and gaining dominance in circulation is concerning.

Yet we have researchers and experts making assumptions on vaccine and antibody efficacy, ACE-2 binding and cell fusion formation, lung infection severity based on studies with the initial Omicron lineages and even then, in many of those studies, the sub-lineages were never identified or listed!
Do not be surprised that individuals who get infected with the Omicron variant get re-infected again in a short time with another Omicron sub-lineage! A few such cases have already been discovered in UK and researchers are still investigating whether it was due to viral persistence or due to new infections.
On the pathogenesis aspects, certain preliminary data from ongoing studies in Europe are showing that from detailed immune profile analysis of those who had been infected and deemed ‘recovered’ from Omicron infections, not only is lymphocytopenia more remarkable with a depletion of CD4 and CD8 cells, but many other important components of the immune system were also compromised. (The studies will be published within a fortnight’s time)
So, the question arises, despite Omicron being mild, are we dealing with an evolved “airborne HIV” type variant, something that we have always been anticipating since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Already we are also seeing many case reports of infected or recovered COVID-19 patients experiencing secondary infections or reactivation of dormant pathogens including cytomegal ovirus (CMV), cryptococcal meningitis, herpes, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, oesophageal candidiasis…all as the secondary opportunistic infections commonly seen in HIV patients. The only difference is that in Long COVID, we have a wider range of long-term health issues and these arising medical conditions are growing in range with the emerging variants.
Also, more studies that are underway, are showing that the Omicron is indeed shifting its focus on the ACE2 receptors to numerous other receptors as what we had initially hypothesized.,-similar-to-mers
And again, we are already seeing a high percentage of so called deemed as 'recovered' Omicron infected patients in both South Africa and also the United Kingdom developing a variety of post-Omicron gastrointestinal issues. Reports of post-Omicron heart issues have also been reported by some physicians. These can be possibly  attributed to new human receptors being in play.
In coming days, we will be publishing various study findings that will substantiate whatever we are warning about here.
People should stop assuming that the Omicron is mild and take even more stringent protective measures.

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