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Zika Virus
New section on Zika Virus.
Nikhil Prasad  Mar 11, 2024  1 month ago
Dengue News: Vector-borne diseases, responsible for over 17% of all infectious diseases globally, pose a significant threat, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions. Among these diseases, malaria and dengue, transmitted by mosquitoes, disproportionately affect the most vulnerable populations. In the island nation of Cabo Verde, off the west coast of Africa, vector-borne diseases have been...
Nikhil Prasad  Feb 08, 2024  2 months ago
Thailand Medical: In recent months, medical experts in Thailand have issued a stark warning about the reemergence of the Zika virus, particularly in the northeastern region of the country. The alarming surge in cases, coupled with an increase in birth defects linked to the virus, has prompted public health authorities and Thailand Medical experts to heighten their vigilance and implement preventiv...
Thailand Medical News Team  Aug 29, 2023  8 months ago
Zika Virus: As concerns mount over the surge in Zika virus cases across Asia, health authorities in various countries are issuing warnings and ramping up efforts to curb the spread of the mosquito-borne disease. Thailand and India are particularly grappling with rising Zika Virus infection cases, prompting urgent measures to protect vulnerable populations, especially pregnant women and individuals...
Zika Virus News - Mutating  Mar 01, 2023  1 year ago
Zika Virus News: While we are awaiting confirmation from the Thai authorities if there is indeed a Zika virus crisis slowly unfolding in the country after Hungarian heath officials reported that two of its citizens contracted the Zika virus after visiting Thailand, new studies are emerging that the Zika virus is indeed mutating as a rapid rate!
Zika Virus News  Mar 01, 2023  1 year ago
Zika Virus News: Health authorities from Hungary have reported that two Hungarian nationals returning from Thailand tested positive for the Zika virus! htt