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COVID-19 News - Cardiac Dysfunctions - Heart Issues - Heart Failures  Jun 07, 2023  8 months, 2 weeks, 22 hours ago

Russian Scientists Warn Exposure To SARS-CoV-2 Will Result In Various Cardiac Dysfunctions Even In Healthy Individuals Who Only Had Mild Symptoms!

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Russian Scientists Warn Exposure To SARS-CoV-2 Will Result In Various Cardiac Dysfunctions Even In Healthy Individuals Who Only Had Mild Symptoms!
COVID-19 News - Cardiac Dysfunctions - Heart Issues - Heart Failures  Jun 07, 2023  8 months, 2 weeks, 22 hours ago
Study Reveals COVID-19's Shocking Impact on Cardiac Function and Raises Global Concern
COVID-19 News: In a new study conducted by Russian scientists at the National Research Center for Preventive Medicine (NRCPM) in Moscow, a startling revelation has emerged. Exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, irrespective of mild or severe infections, has been found to result in various cardiac dysfunctions, including decreased ventricular function. Shockingly, morphological cardiac changes were even seen in healthy individuals who had been exposed to the virus!

This new discovery has sent shockwaves through the scientific community, shedding light on a hidden threat that could have far-reaching consequences for global cardiovascular health. Previously, it was thought that only myocarditis and pericarditis along with arrhythmia issues were the only main heart issues that the SARS-CoV-2 virus could cause.
An earlier Italian study had already shocked many by revealing that all exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 have an additional 90% risk of developing heart failures!
Studies have also shown that all exposed to SARS-CoV-2 virus have an increased risk of death from heart issues for at least 18 months after exposure!
Studies had shown that hospitalized patients with COVID-19 present with acute cardiac compromise, including acute heart failure (3%–33%), cardiogenic shock (9%–17%), myocardial ischemia or infarction (0.9%–11%), left ventricular (LV) dysfunction (10%–41%), right ventricular (33%–47%) and biventricular dysfunction (3%–15%), stress cardiomyopathy (2%–5.6%), arrhythmias (9%–17%), venous thromboembolism (23%–27%), and arterial thrombosis secondary to virus-mediated coagulopathy.
This study however shows the COVID-19 impact on the hearts of healthy individuals who had been exposed to the virus.
For the first time, researchers investigated the effects of COVID-19 on apparently healthy individuals, providing crucial insights into the potent ial cardiovascular complications associated with the disease. The study analyzed 307 healthy volunteers aged between 24 and 69 years, with 80.4% of them being men. Among the participants, 70 tested positive for immunoglobulin G antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, while 237 were negative.
The analysis revealed significant cardiac changes in those who tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed a decrease in left ventricular mass index, mitral ratio of peak early to late diastolic filling velocity, and deceleration time of early mitral inflow in the SARS-CoV-2 positive group.
Additionally, participants with positive antibodies showed slightly increased erythrocyte sedimentation rates and platelet counts, along with decreased blood hemoglobin levels compared to their negative counterparts.
It should be noted, previous studies covered in our COVID-19 News reports also showed that even those with mild COVID-19 infections were at risk for heart issues. Studies also showed that SARS-CoV-2 could affect the heart in many ways.,-some-with-fatal-outcomes,-affecting-cardiovascular-health-in-many-with-long-covid,-nsp8-and-m-
The findings from this study carry important implications for public health strategies post-COVID-19. The observed influence on left ventricular filling, inflammation, blood coagulation, and hemoglobin levels underscores the need for comprehensive cardiac monitoring and recovery strategies for individuals who have experienced COVID-19 infections. It is evident that the consequences of this viral infection reach far beyond the respiratory system and can have a lasting impact on cardiovascular health.
The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 as an ongoing health issue, acknowledging its significant impact on global health. While the acute symptoms of the disease have garnered substantial attention, the potential long-term effects on the heart have received limited focus. Hospitalized patients have already shown acute cardiac compromise, including heart failure, myocardial ischemia, and various ventricular dysfunctions. However, this study emphasizes that even apparently healthy individuals can experience cardiac complications following COVID-19 infection.
Scientists speculate that viral infections like COVID-19 can harm cardiac function through multiple mechanisms. These may include disruptions to gap junctions, alterations in immune responses, and the development of cardiomyopathy during active infections. The study's findings provide valuable insights into the intricate relationship between COVID-19 and cardiac health, warranting further research and attention to prevent long-term complications. With cardiovascular abnormalities detected in over 70% of subjects during the first three months after a COVID-19 episode, it becomes clear that vigilance is crucial. Decreased ventricular function has been observed more frequently in individuals with moderate to severe infections, while those with persistent symptoms often exhibit decreased right ventricular function. These alarming patterns highlight the urgent need for enhanced monitoring and preventive measures to mitigate potential long-term damage.
The study findings were published on a preprint server and are currently being peer reviewed.
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