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COVID-19 News -China - New Omicron Sublineages - Lungs - White Spots  Dec 31, 2022  5 months ago
BREAKING! COVID-19 News: New Omicron Sublineages In China Causing Immune Dysfunctions That Allows Other Opportunistic Pathogens To Affect Lungs!
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BREAKING! COVID-19 News: New Omicron Sublineages In China Causing Immune Dysfunctions That Allows Other Opportunistic Pathogens To Affect Lungs!
COVID-19 News -China - New Omicron Sublineages - Lungs - White Spots  Dec 31, 2022  5 months ago
COVID-19 News: All over China, many infected with the current circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants are manifesting the typical glass opacities in lung X-rays or scans that were witnessed during the early outbreaks involving either the original Wuhan wildtype strain or the Delta variant. Many are also developing pneumonia and ARDS and while a majority recover over time, some unfortunately die within days.

These damage to the interalveolar tissue that is frequently turning up as white spots or glass opacities on imaging diagnostics are being commonly termed as 'white lungs' by local Chinese.
Local Chinese COVID-19 News coverages and social media are full of queries and stories about the occurrence of these white spots on lung x rays and scans of most locals who are positive with COVID-19.
The occurrence of these ‘white spots’ is baffling Chinese researchers as the both variants of the original Wuhan wildtype strain and also the Delta variant or its sub-lineages are no longer in circulation and have not been detected in any of the genomic sequences so far.
Furthermore, leading Chinese virologists, Dr Zhang Rongshan has publicly stated that it has been found that many of the pneumonia and ARDs conditions found in Chinese patients currently were found to be caused by opportunistic pathogens such as gram positive and also gram negative bacteria.
Many of the new circulating strains in China at the moment are basically Omicron derived sub-lineages such as BF.7, BA.5.2, BM.7 and BF.5. While genomic data submitted by Chinese government researchers show nothing usual about the variants, international researchers have identified various BA.5.2, BF.7, BF.5 and even BA.2.3.20 sub-lineages with unique mutations on them.,-other-new-concerning-sublineages-from-ba-2-3-20-and-ba-5-2-with-new-mutations-identified-in-china

It should be noted that many of the new mutations found on these va rious new Omicron sub-lineages are found in the ORF7 and ORF9 proteins which are concerned with disarming immune responses and causing other immune issues in the affected host.
While, many of these variants do not seem to be causing the typical cytokine storms that can contribute to lung damage and are also not exhibiting enhanced tropism to lung tissues, a new hypothesis is being promoted by us at Thailand Medical News that these new variants as a result of not only being more immune evasive and also adapt at disarming the human host immune response, is causing rapid immune dysfunction and also a state of induced immunodeficiency that is allowing secondary opportunistic infections to set in fast by other pathogens. (Similar to a certain degree to  what is seen in AIDs)
This is why many in China are also experiencing pneumonia and having lung damage caused by bacteria and possibly other pathogens including certain fungi.
Many local Chinese experts also are in favor of our hypothesis and are current starting new research into this.
However, there is also another possibility as to what that could be causing this new white spot phenomena in those affected in China…international researchers have isolated a new BA.2.3.20 sub-lineage from a traveler originating from China that shows this Omicron derived sub-lineages spotting many of the typical mutations found on the Delta and the original Wuhan variant despite no recombinant event having taken place and it also spots many other new mutations!
Researchers and virologists are currently monitoring this new sublineage which could be the worrisome new variant that has been anxiously anticipated by many.
Meanwhile more attention should be focused on the immune dysfunction caused the SARS-CoV-2 virus as there could be many adverse spinoffs from it.!-sars-cov-2-destroying-children-s-robust-innate-system-is-the-
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