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Thailand Medical News Team  Aug 29, 2023  3 weeks, 6 days, 2 hours, 27 minutes ago

Zika Virus Cases Increasing Not Only in Thailand but Also Rest of Asia Including India. Public Health Authorities Issue Warnings and Prevention Measures

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Zika Virus Cases Increasing Not Only in Thailand but Also Rest of Asia Including India. Public Health Authorities Issue Warnings and Prevention Measures
Thailand Medical News Team  Aug 29, 2023  3 weeks, 6 days, 2 hours, 27 minutes ago
Zika Virus: As concerns mount over the surge in Zika virus cases across Asia, health authorities in various countries are issuing warnings and ramping up efforts to curb the spread of the mosquito-borne disease. Thailand and India are particularly grappling with rising Zika Virus infection cases, prompting urgent measures to protect vulnerable populations, especially pregnant women and individuals with underlying health conditions.

Thailand's Department of Disease Control Raises Alarm as Zika Cases Multiply
In a recent announcement on August 27, the Department of Disease Control (DDC) in Thailand issued a stern warning in response to a substantial uptick in Zika virus cases. Over the last month, a staggering 266 cases have been reported, underscoring the gravity of the situation. The DDC's alert emphasized that pregnant women are particularly susceptible, as Zika infection during pregnancy can lead to microcephaly - a birth defect that causes underdeveloped brains in newborns.
The timing of this surge in cases aligns with the monsoon season, characterized by frequent rain that creates optimal breeding conditions for disease-carrying mosquitoes. Authorities have identified bird baths and other water-collecting containers as potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. To mitigate the risk of Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases, the public is being urged to promptly remove such containers.
As the outbreak spreads across Thailand, more than 24 provinces have reported new Zika cases. Chanthaburi and Phetchabun are among the provinces hardest hit, with 37 and 23 cases reported, respectively. Zika symptoms include fever, rash, red eyes, and joint pain, and it's imperative that pregnant women exhibiting these symptoms seek immediate medical attention to prevent potential complications.
It was also reported that Dengue cases are also rising in parallel to Zika virus infections….both mosquito borne diseases.
Prevention Measures and Education Campaigns
Thailand's public health campaign emphasizes proactive community efforts to eliminate mosquito breeding sites. The three-pronged strategy - referred to as the "three cleans" - entails maintaining a tidy environment to prevent mosquito nesting, disposing of trash and containers that could serve as breeding sites, and tightly covering water containers to prevent mosquito egg laying. These actions aim to simultaneously combat the spread of dengue fever and chikungunya, which are also transmitted by the Aedes mosquito.
Additionally, other preventive measures include using mosquito repellent, sleeping under mosquito nets, and installing mosquito screens to keep these disease vectors at bay. The DDC has set up a hotline (1422) for further inquiries and guidance related to Zika and other mosquito-borne illnesses.< ;br />  
Zika Makes Inroads into Mumbai:  India on High Alert
While Thailand grapples with its Zika outbreak, India is also on high alert due to a confirmed Zika virus case in Mumbai. The patient, a 79-year-old man from Chembur, has since recovered, but his case has raised significant concerns.
The infection was confirmed by the Pune-based National Institute of Virology.
The patient exhibited symptoms including fever, stuffy nose, and cough, beginning on July 19. Although he received treatment from a private medical practitioner and was discharged on August 2, his underlying health conditions - such as diabetes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, and thalassemia minor - highlight the potential complications that can arise from Zika infection, especially in individuals with preexisting health issues.
Zika Symptoms and Implications
Zika virus, transmitted primarily by the Aedes mosquito, is characterized by a range of symptoms, though many infected individuals remain asymptomatic. Symptoms can include fever, rash, joint pain, conjunctivitis, and muscle pain. While these symptoms usually last for 2-7 days, the disease can cause severe complications.
Of particular concern are the neurological complications linked to Zika infection. Guillain-Barré syndrome, a serious neurological disorder, has been associated with Zika. Moreover, if pregnant women contract Zika, it can result in severe birth defects for their infants, including microcephaly and other developmental delays. These complications underscore the urgency of controlling the disease's spread, particularly in regions with high populations.
Additional Preventive Measures and Expert Recommendations
To prevent Zika transmission, experts recommend minimizing exposure to mosquito bites. This involves using insect repellents, wearing long-sleeved clothing and socks, and eliminating potential mosquito breeding sites—such as containers that collect stagnant water. Additionally, practicing safe sex and staying informed about travel advisories and health guidelines are crucial steps.
For pregnant women and those planning pregnancy, avoiding travel to regions with active Zika transmission is recommended. Given the potential for sexual transmission, safe sex practices are vital, particularly if a partner has recently traveled to affected areas.
While Zika cases are still relatively limited in Asia, health authorities are treating the situation with the utmost seriousness. As no vaccine is currently available for Zika, public health campaigns focused on prevention and education are pivotal to containing its spread. Through concerted efforts at both individual and community levels, Asian countries are striving to curb the impact of this growing health threat.
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