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Research News  Jan 02, 2023  5 months ago
Urgent Fact Check And Validation Needed About Claims That SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Cannot Cross Over The Blood and Lung Barriers Into Alveolar Sacs!
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Urgent Fact Check And Validation Needed About Claims That SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Cannot Cross Over The Blood and Lung Barriers Into Alveolar Sacs!
Research News  Jan 02, 2023  5 months ago
An interesting claim has been made by a medical professional in California that says that all COVID-19 shots and jab research were flawed as they did not address the issue about the transportation mechanism of the produced antibodies to the site where they are most needed ie the lung alveolar sacs.

According to Dr Joseph Lee’s claims, the COVID-19 antibodies are molecules that weigh about 145,000 Dalton ie 8000 times heavier than a water molecule that is only about 18 daltons. The human lung barrier is extremely effective at keeping water out of the lung space and also such antibodies!
The research on the COVID-19 shots were based on neutralizing IgG antibody capability which to bind to SARS-CoV-2 virus particles before the virus can infect lung alveolar epithelial cells however, they never addressed the issue about how the antibodies were crossing over the barriers!
Since the lung and blood barrier prevents huge molecules such as antibodies from crossing over to the alveolar sacs where the main viral infections are taking place, the question remains as to how the mRNA shots are helping out.
For the sake of science, we should not immediately dismiss Dr Lee’s claims as fake news or some crazy anti-vaxxer ploy but rather it will be interesting if experts and researchers out there can provide more inputs and also scientific evidence as to whether what his claims are wrong or if he is right, provide us data on how the produced antibodies can still help through other means in preventing lung infections by the virus.
We need real fact-checkers from the research community with the right credentials to provide us some answers. (Please none of the garbage fact-checkers from Facebook, Reuters, AP etc or stupid Indian fact-checkers working for stupid Indian media!)
Dr Lee has provided lots of data about his claims with links to previous peer reviewed studies and provides an interesting topic for further research and debates.
Unfortunately, I am unable to delve into this topic further as I am having a tee·to·tal·er hangover due to the high sugar content from the mocktails I have been consuming over the holidays reading the depressing news about the catastrophic COVID-19 situation in UK and also the derogatory remarks made about my website by some racist white pigs from London and Basel on twitter and simply praying that they and their loved ones perish in the coming COVID-19 onslaughts.
Wishing All A Great 2023!


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