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Source: TMN  Dec 13, 2021  1 year, 11 months, 3 weeks, 10 hours, 15 minutes ago

Report On The Response To Our Appeal For Help So Far

Report On The Response To Our Appeal For Help So Far
Source: TMN  Dec 13, 2021  1 year, 11 months, 3 weeks, 10 hours, 15 minutes ago
Thailand Medical News Would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the following readers who responded to our urgent appeal for help to raise funds to sustain our website and also our research and community initiatives. Every cent counts and we are touched by the kindness of all of them. God Bless Them.

We managed to raise a total of US$720 out of our goal of US$22,000 but we still need lots of help from the rest of our readers. (We will be providing a breakdown of the expenses soon.)

We do understand that some readers are unable to help as many are going through tough times themselves and we do appreciate their kind support by continuing to frequent our website and also perusing thru other non-related contents etc. We appreciate and are grateful all our readers who have been perusing through our site and sharing our articles and also telling their friends, colleagues, relatives and friends about us.  We also would like to thank all the readers who had supported us in the past financially. Some kind readers have been helping the site out on a regular basis.

But we urgently appeal to the rest of the many readers who visit our site and are able to afford, to please help in our fundraising project.

Kindly note that we do not receive any fundings from any government agency and not a single cent from any Thai companies, organizations, hospitals and doctors listed on our site. (We plan to remove them in 2022.)

Medical sites In America and Europe are fortunate to be able to receive government  grants and support from local medical, biotech and healthcare  companies.

We did make a mistake of naming our site with the name Thailand as we wanted to showcase the local Thai healthcare industry not realizing that the local Thai medical and biotech industry is simply full of garbage and majority do not know how to collaborate and work together.

We strongly advise foreign companies wanting to invest in this local industry to consider other better options like Vietnam etc.We also strongly advise anyone to not come here for medical tourism but rather consider countries like Malaysia, Vietnam or Singapore for cheaper, ethical and better quality services.

We would be doing a major rebranding next year as Thailand Medical News has already become an international brand with millions of overseas subscribers but we do need help from all other international readers out there.

Once again we appeal to all our other international readers out here to help with our site and cause. Simply donate via

We also wish all our readers and all those who have supported us one way or another, a Happy and Merry Christmas and New Year and May 2022 be a blessed year to all of you and may all of you be safe and healthy.
List of Readers who have supported us since November 2021 till 13th of December 2021 with this recent appeal. (Note we will be creating a new section on the site that will be ready in 2022 that will list all our supporters and benefactors since February 2020)
S. Ferguson                         United States
G. Wagner                        Germany
M. Bienenstock                    United States
M. Kenny                             United States
R. Haberditzl                       Germany
B. Nakach                            United States
J. McCann                            United States
D. Kilpatrick                         United States
L. Stevenson                       United States
E.  Antal                               Hungary
K. Koch                                United States
J. G Elliott                            United Kingdom
L. Mihelic                             Slovenia
L. Muniz                               United States
W.Williams                           United States
C. Augenstein                      New Zealand
T. Foster                               United States
J. V. D Heide                        Netherlands
T. Selle                                 Germany
J. Drayton                            United States
L. Gaucher                           Canada
T. Weiseth                            Norway
A. McEliece                         United States
G. Nalepka                          Canada
E. Anderson                         Canada
S. Steadman                        New Zealand
J. Laube                               Germany
K.D. Wonnik                        Canada
Henriette Lo Fo Wong         Netherlands
Edita Milaseviciute              Lithuania
Daniel Duran                       United States
Anonymous                          Singapore
Ronald Rieger                     United States
Louis DeMer                        United States
Margarita Rouki                   United Kingdom
Nikolai Thabit                       United States
Silvana Richter-Fiedler        Germany


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