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COVID-19 News - Japan  Jan 14, 2023  5 months ago
COVID-19 News: COVID-19 Deaths Continue To Rise In Japan. 503 Deaths In Last 24 Hours And 740,256 Japanese Are Currently Hospitalized Due To COVID-19!
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COVID-19 News: COVID-19 Deaths Continue To Rise In Japan. 503 Deaths In Last 24 Hours And 740,256 Japanese Are Currently Hospitalized Due To COVID-19!
COVID-19 News - Japan  Jan 14, 2023  5 months ago
COVID-19 News: Japan, one of the few countries that boast high vaccination and booster rates involving the mRNA vaccines from the West is going through an unprecedented COVID-19 crisis as death rates continue to rise since November 2022, with more than 503 COVID-19 deaths reported in the last 24 hours according to official sources.

However, in reality, the actual daily death rates could be as high as 4 to 5-fold not including excess deaths which is another growing concern as well!
While many Western experts and authorities are saying that the COVID-19 pandemic is nearly over and that the new emerging SARS-Cov-2 variants are mild, the truth far from it.
What is more alarming however is that at this given time, there are almost three quarter million or 740,256 Japanese hospitalized due to COVID-19!
I doubt if these sick Japanese individuals are being hospitalized for some sexual fetish reasons but rather the new SARS-CoV-2 variants and sub-lineages in circulation since November 2022 are indeed causing disease severity and are not mild as claimed!
We are also not talking about the XB.1.5 or Kraken variant that has only just appeared in Japan and is still very low in circulation and is not expected to drive disease severity.
Rather what is driving the deaths and severity in Japan is a number of BF.7 and BF. 5 sub-lineages and also some BA.5.2 sub-lineages, some of which can also be found in China, Hong Kong and even South Korea and Taiwan and what is being referred to as the East Asian variants including BF.7.14,BF.7.41, BF.5.1, BF.5.2, BA.5.2.48. BA.5.2.49 and also the new BF.7.15.,-that-joins-other-dangerous-east-asian-variants-bf-7-14,-bf-5-1-and-bf-5-2
/> The new BF.7.15 sub-lineages carries the spike mutation S:G257D and also the ORF1a:A1812V mutation.
This variant has also been found in China and in reality almost all the variants driving disease severity can be found in both Japan and China as we have been constantly covering in all our recent COVID-19 News coverages.
Strangely there is no much mention of these new subvariants or sub-lineages in the mainstream media and instead certain media that are part of the BBC trusted News Initiative are disseminating fake news about the variants found in China and Japan.
What is also interesting is that preliminary data that is yet to be verified is showing that perhaps because of ADE or immunity imprinting, those who have already had the COVID-19 shots are more likely at an increased risk of infected or be impacted worse and likely to suffer disease severity and increased risk of mortality as result of getting infected with these new East Asian subvariants and sub-lineages!
Urgent studies are warranted on this.
Meanwhile there are lots of interesting developments taking place in Japan:
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