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Nikhil Prasad  Fact checked by:Thailand Medical News Team Oct 24, 2023  1 month, 2 weeks, 2 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes ago

Dengue News: Janssen's Revolutionary Antiviral Pill For Dengue Shows Remarkable Efficacy In Human Challenge Trials And Is Better Than Vaccines!

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Dengue News: Janssen's Revolutionary Antiviral Pill For Dengue Shows Remarkable Efficacy In Human Challenge Trials And Is Better Than Vaccines!
Nikhil Prasad  Fact checked by:Thailand Medical News Team Oct 24, 2023  1 month, 2 weeks, 2 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes ago
Dengue News: Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne viral disease, poses a significant global health threat, with millions of people affected each year and tens of thousands of deaths attributed to the disease. Climate change has expanded the range of mosquitoes that transmit dengue, making it a growing concern worldwide. Although dengue vaccines exist, there remains a need for effective antiviral treatments, especially in regions where the disease is endemic. Johnson & Johnson's subsidiary, Janssen, has recently developed a groundbreaking antiviral pill, JNJ-1802, which is demonstrating remarkable potential in the fight against dengue. This Dengue News report explores the significance of this development, the challenges posed by dengue, and the promising results of Janssen's antiviral pill in human challenge trials.

The Challenge of Dengue
Dengue, often referred to as "break bone fever" due to the severe joint pain and spasms it causes, has been a persistent scourge in many parts of Asia and Latin America. It infects millions of people annually and can lead to severe complications. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that as climate change continues to create favorable conditions for dengue-transmitting mosquitoes, the disease is likely to spread to new regions, putting more people at risk.
Currently, there are no specific treatments for dengue, and while vaccines are available, they have numerous limitations. Janssen's research aims to address this significant gap in dengue management by developing a potent antiviral pill.
Janssen's Antiviral Pill for Dengue
Janssen's pioneering antiviral pill, JNJ-1802, is a novel development in the fight against dengue. In a Phase 2a human challenge study, Janssen tested the efficacy of this oral antiviral in preventing dengue. The results, which were presented at the American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene Annual Meeting, were highly promising.
The study, involving healthy volunteers, focused on assessing antiviral activity, safety, and pharmacokinetics. The participants were divided into groups receiving different dosing regimens of JNJ-1802 and a placebo. These volunteers were subsequently exposed to an attenuated dengue 3 serotype (DENV-3) to assess the antiviral's effectiveness.
The study found that JNJ-1802 induced potent antiviral effects against dengue, with dose-dependent reduction in the detectability of DENV-3 RNA. Moreover, the antiviral was well-tolerated and safe for the participants. These promising results demonstrated the pill's potential as both a preventive and therapeutic agent against dengue.
Expanding the Research
The success of JNJ-1802 in the human challenge study has paved the way for further research and development. The next phase involves conducting a community-based field study to evaluate the antiviral's effectiveness in real-world settings. This study is being conducted across 30+ sites in 10 countries, including the Philippines, Thailand, Peru, Brazil, and Colombia. It aims to establish the pill's efficacy against various circulating dengue serotypes.
Janssen's Commitment to Dengue
Janssen's dedication to combating dengue extends beyond the development of JNJ-1802. The company has been investing in dengue research and development for over a decade. In collaboration with academic partners, Janssen established the Satellite Center for Global Health Discovery at Duke-NUS in Singapore. This center focuses on accelerating early-stage research to address the challenges posed by flaviviruses, including dengue.
Additionally, Janssen is part of the global effort to combat neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). These diseases affect over 1.7 billion people in 149 countries worldwide. In 2022, Janssen joined the Kigali Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases, pledging to donate up to 200 million doses annually of mebendazole, a medication used to combat intestinal worms. Janssen is also actively involved in R&D programs to discover new medications to combat leprosy and dengue.
The Need for Antiviral Solutions
Dengue represents a significant global health challenge, affecting millions of people and causing numerous deaths each year. The rapid spread of dengue is exacerbated by factors such as climate change, urbanization, and global travel. While vaccines exist, they face challenges in achieving widespread coverage and efficacy against all four dengue serotypes.
The development of antiviral solutions, such as JNJ-1802, is crucial to diversify the arsenal against dengue. Unlike vaccines, antivirals do not require cold chain storage and can induce immunity within days. This makes them a valuable addition to the efforts to control dengue outbreaks and limit the number of cases reaching epidemic levels.
JNJ-1802's Potency and Safety
JNJ-1802 has demonstrated remarkable potency against dengue, with picomolar to low nanomolar antiviral activity against various dengue strains. It also exhibits pan-genotype and pan-serotype activity, making it effective against the diverse genotypes within the four dengue serotypes. This broad-spectrum activity is critical in addressing dengue, as the disease's genetic diversity has challenged previous drug development efforts.
Importantly, JNJ-1802 has a high barrier to resistance. In preclinical studies, resistance mutations emerged at a significantly slower rate compared to other antivirals, suggesting that the development of resistance is unlikely within the short treatment window during dengue infection. Additionally, the antiviral's efficacy has been demonstrated in both prophylactic and therapeutic settings, offering flexibility in its use.
JNJ-1802's Journey to Clinical Trials
The successful completion of a phase I first-in-human clinical study in healthy volunteers demonstrated that JNJ-1802 is safe and well-tolerated in humans. These findings, along with the compelling preclinical data, have paved the way for clinical trials to evaluate the antiviral's efficacy in preventing and treating dengue in real-world settings.
The clinical trials will focus on understanding the impact of JNJ-1802 on disease severity, clinical outcomes, and the potential for preventing seroconversion. The antiviral's ability to reduce viral load during the febrile phase of dengue, when viremia is at its peak, is of particular interest. Early diagnosis and treatment will play a crucial role in maximizing the antiviral's effectiveness.
Dengue remains a pressing global health concern, with millions of cases reported annually and the disease's range expanding due to climate change. While vaccines have been developed, they have limitations in terms of efficacy and coverage. The development of Janssen's antiviral pill, JNJ-1802, represents a significant breakthrough in the fight against dengue.
The results from human challenge trials are highly promising, showing the antiviral's potential to prevent and treat dengue effectively. As JNJ-1802 progresses into clinical trials, there is hope that it will become a valuable tool in the global effort to control dengue outbreaks and ultimately save lives. The commitment of Janssen and its partners to addressing dengue and neglected tropical diseases exemplifies the collaborative and innovative approach required to combat these health challenges effectively.
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PS: For those who are interested, the analogs of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used in this new dengue antiviral were actually derived from phytochemicals of two interesting herbs!


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