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Dengue News
Section Dedicated To Dengue Disease
Nikhil Prasad  Mar 31, 2024  18 days ago
Dengue News: Puerto Rico finds itself in the throes of a severe dengue epidemic, prompting urgent public health measures and international attention. Health authorities in Puerto Rico declared dengue a Public Health Emergency as hospitals start to become swamped with caseloads.   Dengue Surge Forces Puerto Rico To Initiate A Pu...
Nikhil Prasad  Mar 25, 2024  24 days ago
Dengue News: In a significant health development, authorities in France have issued a warning after the discovery of tiger mosquitoes in Normandy, particularly in the Seine-Maritime department (district). This discovery marks a concerning trend as tiger mosquitoes, originally from South-East Asia, are known carriers of viruses like dengue, zika, and chikungunya. The presence of these invasive mosq...
Nikhil Prasad  Mar 21, 2024  28 days ago
Dengue News: Argentina is facing an unprecedented dengue outbreak, with the latest data revealing a staggering 103,000 cases and 79 deaths recorded in the first ten weeks of 2024. This surge in dengue cases has not only overwhelmed healthcare facilities but also sparked concerns about the country's ability to effectively manage the crisis. The country is also facing increases in COVID-19, pneu...