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Source: COVID-19 Pandemic  Jan 25, 2022  2 years, 3 weeks, 5 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes ago

Just To Give You An Idea Of How Stupidly The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Being Managed And the Mess The World Is In!

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Just To Give You An Idea Of How Stupidly The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Being Managed And the Mess The World Is In!
Source: COVID-19 Pandemic  Jan 25, 2022  2 years, 3 weeks, 5 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes ago

In the last 48 hours we had statements from many idiots saying that the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to and end soon in Europe and even in the United States.
The initial Omicron strain and various Delta sub-variants caused a massive surge starting around the first of December 2021 in most countries around the world (I am omitting any out any data about South Africa as data collation from that country is not the least reliable!)and from then to now (24th January 2022), over the period of 55 days, we have seen a total of 91,585,523 new COVID-19 infections according to conservative reported data and also 371,829 COVID-19 deaths.
The actual figures according to many experts are that the figures could be as high as four to five-fold as in many countries, testing was not vigorous or there was inadequate testing and furthermore in some countries, the political leaders made sure that under-reporting was done so as to make their efforts or strategies look good!
One thing that many countries are now beginning to see about the Omicron variant which many idiots claimed is mild is that severity can develop later and so can long-COVID complications many of which can be fatal including cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), strokes, heart failures, liver and kidney failure, gastrointestinal issues leading to sepsis….just to name a few. The conditions of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) and even in adults (MIS-A) are also occurring in more individuals who have been deemed as having recovered from Omicron infections!
While all that is occurring , many countries are still using monoclonal drugs such as Sotrovimab, made by GlaxoSmithKline and Vir Biotechnology or worse even convalescent plasma. (in reality all these antibody-based therapeutics are driving more mutations!).
Then we have many countries still using Remdesivir to treat Omicron patients, despite even WHO saying that it does not work for any SARS-CoV-2 infections.
There is a lot of new data showing that remdesivir is actually causing more detrimental issues.
The Biden administration is actively still promoting the usage of remdesivir as it is due it owes favors to the big pharma companies that supported the Biden’s election campaign!
Then we now have the pill Molnupiravir that the US FDA approved despite the fact that studies showed it was not effective coupled with the fact that the drug is mutagenic!
Though the drug is also approved in India, fortunately the Indian medical taskforce is not recommending its use although India is manufacturing the drug under license for supply to the USA, Europe and other stupid countries using the drug to treat COVID-19.
As far as the all the current COVID-19 jabs go, we know despite all the lies and massive new paid studies that are manipulating data, they are not effective against the Omicron in any way be it in the prevention of spread or even preventing disease severity or risk of mortality as we can see what is going on in many countries know like Israel, Denmark, Japan etc. In fact, some new data is showing that they could perhaps aiding in ADE or Antibody Dependent Enhancement!
Meanwhile we have stupid groups talking about Herd Immunity, and Zero-COVID, things that are never ever going to be achievable! Looking at where we are and the kinetics of the current situation, these are but a stupid dream!
Then there are many concerned about the virus being air-borne (that we already knew since the beginning stupids!) and stressing about the importance of N95 mask! The same goes for some stressing on constant testing. The key thing that most of these stupids still do not understand is that even an N95 mask will not stop you from getting infected unless you live in a bubble and there is no point stressing about N95 masks or even about testing when you do not have any real effective and safe antivirals and therapeutics to prevent or treat COVID-19!…something all the stupids should have focused on since the beginning of the pandemic and not stupid antibody-based therapeutics like jabs etc
Coming back to the dream that the COVID-19 surges are going to end soon, well we at Thailand Medical News was the first to break about the threat of the new Omicron variant BA.2 surge.
This new variant is not only more transmissible but based on preliminary data, causes more severe outcomes. Also, previous infection with initial Omicron variant ie BA.1 does not confer any immunity or protection against this new BA.2 variant which spots an additional 25 new mutations.
This new variant is wreaking havoc in Denmark at the moment and already it is starting to spread rapidly in many countries in Europe including Norway, Sweden and Germany and has already been found in India, Japan, the United Kingdom and also the United States.
We at Thailand Medical News anticipate this BA.2 variant will cause a massive surge in coming weeks globally.
The BA.2, is increasing rapidly in Norway. From seven detections on 4th January to a total of 611 detections on 19th January (mainly in Oslo), this variant of the omicron virus is growing strongly compared to the original omicron virus, BA.1.
India has also reported more than 500 new BA.2 infections in the last 48 hours.
At the same time, we at Thailand Medical News anticipate that newer sub-sub-variants of the Delta sub-variants such as the AY.57, AY.122.3 and also newer sub-sub-variants of the B.1.640 lineage including B.1.640.2 will emerge and cause more simultaneous parallel surges with the new Omicron BA.2 variant globally.
Considering that daily new global COVID-19 infections is hovering between 2.5 million to 3.5 million over the last 7 days, based on the kinetics, I cannot see the pandemic ending anytime soon! Rather all I can see is a big mess as imagine the number of people going to be afflicted with Long COVID-19 issues and the strain on the public healthcare system!
For more about the COVID-19 Pandemic, keep on logging to Thailand Medical News.


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