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Nikhil Prasad  Fact checked by:Thailand Medical News Team Nov 20, 2023  2 weeks, 6 days, 19 hours, 36 minutes ago

Medical News: Alarms Raised On Tik-Tok About Pfizer’s Controversial Contraceptive That Western Doctors Are Prescribing For Longer Than Two Years!

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Medical News: Alarms Raised On Tik-Tok About Pfizer’s Controversial Contraceptive That Western Doctors Are Prescribing For Longer Than Two Years!
Nikhil Prasad  Fact checked by:Thailand Medical News Team Nov 20, 2023  2 weeks, 6 days, 19 hours, 36 minutes ago
Medical News: In the age of social media, information travels at the speed of light, and a recent TikTok video by online influencer Morgan Roos has set the internet ablaze with concerns about a commonly prescribed contraceptive by pharma giant - Pfizer: Depo-Provera. Roos revealed in her viral video that she had been using the contraceptive for a staggering 10 years, only to find out that it is recommended for a maximum of two years. This revelation has sparked a wave of panic among users who, like Roos, have been using the contraceptive without any guidance on its potential risks and limitations.

Depo-Provera: Beyond Contraception

Depo-Provera is a progestogen-only injectable contraceptive that boasts 99.8% effectiveness at preventing pregnancy when used as directed. Administered every 13 weeks, it eliminates the need for daily pill reminders, making it a convenient option for many women. However, as Roos highlighted, the issue lies in the lack of information provided to long-term users about potential risks and recommended usage duration.
While Depo-Provera is primarily known for contraception, some women use it to manage heavy periods or alleviate the pain associated with endometriosis. Roos did not delve into why her new doctor recommended discontinuing the contraceptive after two years, but potential harms associated with prolonged use have raised red flags.
Controversial Contraceptive
Even before the Tik Tok video, Depo-Provera was a highly controversial drug that was originally banned in the U.S. in 1978 due to possible carcinogenic effects.
However due to intense lobbying and corrupted Democrats, the drug was re-approved in the US in 1992, contingent on the manufacturer conducting a post-approval study on the risk of osteoporosis. According to past Medical News coverages, in 2004 it was asked to include a black box warning about the risk of osteoporosis.
Potential Harms and Health Risks
One significant concern associated with Depo-Provera is its impact on bone health. The contraceptive has been linked to a reduction in bone mineral density, which could lead to weak and brittle bones. While some of this risk may be reversible upon discontinuation, prolonged use may result in irreversible bone damage. x?id=549
Particular demographic groups face heightened risks. Adolescents under 18, whose bones are still developing, are advised to explore alternative contraceptive methods. Additionally, women over 50 are encouraged to opt for different contraception options due to potential risks associated with their age.
Other risks linked to Depo-Provera include a delayed return to fertility, weight gain, acne, mood changes, and decreased sex drive. In the United States, both the Food and Drug Administration and Pfizer, the drug's maker, caution against using Depo-Provera as a long-term birth control method beyond two years unless other options are deemed inadequate.
In the United Kingdom, the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health recommends a review of progestogen-only injectable users every two years to assess the benefits and risks of continued use.
Depo-Provera and Osteoporosis: A Bone of Contention
One of the primary concerns associated with long-term use of Depo-Provera is its impact on bone health, with the potential development of osteoporosis. The longer the usage, the greater the loss of calcium from bones, increasing the risk of weakened, porous bones, especially after menopause. Users are warned not to exceed two years of continuous use unless other birth control methods are unsuitable.
Unscrupulous Western Doctors And Pharmacists
In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, doctors and pharmacists are given financial incentives to prescribe Depo-Provera by the drug manufacturers. Despite warnings not to use it for more than two years, many Western doctors and pharmacists are still pushing it usage to their patients for financial gains.
The TikTok Impact and Public Response
Morgan Roos' TikTok video has ignited a discussion about the lack of awareness surrounding Depo-Provera's potential risks, especially among long-term users. Viewers flooded the comments section with their own experiences, revealing years of usage without any guidance on the recommended duration. The video has prompted users to reconsider their contraceptive choices and consult healthcare professionals for regular reviews.
The video has highlighted how many Western women are ignorant about issues associated with the long term usage of Depo Provera and the warning of not to use it for more than two years.
Conclusion: Navigating Contraceptive Choices
In light of the viral TikTok video, it is crucial for individuals using Depo-Provera to proactively engage with their healthcare providers. Regular reviews, at least every two years, can help assess the ongoing suitability of the contraceptive. Users should be informed about potential risks and alternative contraceptive methods available to them.
For those still opting for Depo-Provera, strategies such as calcium and vitamin D supplements, along with weight-bearing exercises, can help mitigate the risk of decreased bone mineral density. It's essential to stay informed, consult healthcare professionals, and make contraceptive choices that align with individual health needs and priorities. The controversy surrounding Depo-Provera serves as a reminder that informed decision-making is paramount when it comes to reproductive health.
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