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Thai Herbs and Supplements
Dedicated to everything you need to know about Thai Herbs and Thai Herbal concotions available in the market.
Source: Thailand Medical News  May 19, 2019
Pueraria mirifica is a plant that grows in Thailand, India and other parts of Southeast Asia. For centuries, the roots of Pueraria mirifica have been used as a traditional Thai antiaging and rejuvenation medicine to promote youthfulness in women.   Relieves Menopausal Symptoms     One of the main phytochemicals found in Pueraria mirifica is a type of chemical that ...
Thailand Medical News  Apr 18, 2019
Commonly called Bai Bua Bok in Thai, its scientific name is Centella asiatica. Some also call it spadeleaf, Jal Bahmi, Asiatic pennywort, Indian pennywort, or hydrocotyle. Still, its most popular name is gotu kola.   Belonging to the family of carrots, gotu kola is a perennial creeping herb, growing in dark and moist climates of Thailand ,South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, China,...
Thailand Medical News  Mar 30, 2019
Lemongrass, is an herb which belongs to the grass family of Poaceae,1 and is also known as Cymbopogon citratus. It is utilized for its distinct lemon flavor and citrusy aroma. It is a tall, perennial grass which is native to Thailand, India, Indonesia and Gautemala and tropical regions of Asia. It is a rough and tufted plant with linear leaves that grows in thick bunches, emerg...