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Read all about the latests in HIV/Aids research and treatment protocols and also developments made into various specific components of managing this disease that is by itself also evolving.
Source: IDWeek2018  Oct 25, 2018  2 years ago
The newest once-daily, all-in-one HIV combination pills can maintain undetectable viral load for two years and counting, according to a set of studies presented at ID Week 2018 this month in San Francisco.   Two phase 3 clinical trials showed that most people who took the bictegravir-based Biktarvy co-formulation or the doravirine-based Delstrigo pill for first-line t...
Source: Boston University School of Medicine  Aug 28, 2018  2 years ago
A new study has shown that genital warts may promote HIV sexual transmission and, in turn, their treatment and prevention could help decrease the spread of the disease.  HIV infecting a human cell. Credit: NIH Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a common and highly infectious condition transmitted between persons during sexual skin-to-skin contact. It has more than 100 strains identified, with s...
Source: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston  Aug 08, 2018  2 years ago
Raza M. Alvi, M.D., from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and colleagues compared characteristics, cardiac structure, and outcomes in 394 persons with HIV and heart failure who were receiving PI (145 patients) versus non-PI (NPI; 249 patients) therapy. PI-based antiretroviral therapy contained boosted-dose ritonavir.   Ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitor (PI) therapy is a...
Source: The Lancet  Jul 22, 2018  2 years ago
Study paves way for better use of primate models in HIV vaccine development   The mosaic vaccine HIV-1 vaccine produced comparable immune responses in both humans and rhesus monkeys, a phase I/IIa trial found.   In humans, the vaccine was safe and produced antibody responses and T-cell responses, and in monkeys, the vaccine not only produced similar immune responses, but protected again...
Source: Multiple  Jul 21, 2018  2 years ago
Scientists from UNSW Sydney and the UK have discovered that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) hijacks a small molecule from the host cell to protect itself from being destroyed by the host's immune system.   Inositol hexakisphosphate fits into the pore structures (pink) of the HIV capsid (teal), and makes the makes the capsid stronger, protecting the genetic material inside. Credi...
Source: USFDA & Staff Writer, TMN  Jul 19, 2018  2 years ago
A small percentage of patients, some of whom have taken many HIV drugs in the past, have multidrug-resistant HIV, limiting their treatment options   HIV naturally mutates and eventually develops resistance to ARVs, which are then rendered ineffective. Patients infected with drug resistant strains of HIV are therefore commonly moved to alternative regimens known as 2nd line drugs. &n...
Source: Multiple  Jul 18, 2018  2 years ago
People living with HIV must take a combination of three or more different drugs every day for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, by following this strict treatment plan, they can suffer from side effects ranging from mild dizziness to life-threatening liver damage. However, if they stop taking the drugs, the virus hiding inside their cells can spontaneously resurface.   In fact...
Source: University of Edinburgh   Jul 21, 2018  2 years ago
People infected with HIV are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease, research has found. Analysis of global figures reveals that HIV-associated cardiovascular disease has more than tripled in the past 20 years as more people are living longer with the virus.   The greatest impact is in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia Pacific regions, with Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho particularly ...
Staff Writer, TMN  Jul 05, 2018  2 years ago
French biotech Abivax’s might be on the verge of HIV cure and prevention discovery, after achieving a significant reduction of viral load patients during the first 28 days of treatment.   The company has announced results from the first group of patients in its most recent phase 2a trial testing the potential HIV cure treatment codenamed ABX464.   The study aimed at acc...


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