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Source: United States COVID-19 Crisis  Apr 30, 2020  3 years, 5 months, 2 days, 11 hours, 51 minutes ago

United States COVID-19 Crisis: Most Mismanaged Country In The World, Now Dr Fauci Peddling Remdesivir With More Lies. 1.06 Million Americans Tested Positive, 61,656 Americans Dead

United States COVID-19 Crisis: Most Mismanaged Country In The World, Now Dr Fauci Peddling Remdesivir With More Lies. 1.06 Million Americans Tested Positive, 61,656 Americans Dead
Source: United States COVID-19 Crisis  Apr 30, 2020  3 years, 5 months, 2 days, 11 hours, 51 minutes ago
US COVID-19 Crisis: Americans are suffering the most compared to other countries not only economically from the lockdowns but more so from the way the whole COVID-19 crisis has been managed from day one. It is also a reflection of how bad the whole healthcare system had actually been even prior to the COVID-19 crisis.

First there were claims by those in power that the COVID-19 was even milder than common flu, then there was the issue of the COVID-19 testing mess created by the US CDC, then the issues of using deadly chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine that was initially supported by the US FDA. There has been issues of drug shortages, medical supply shortages, ventilator shortages, lack of PPEs and protective mask for healthcare staff. There was even the fiasco or ordering substandard products from China.
A common American citizen cannot even buy a basic OTC NSAID like paracetamol or panadol as there are no stocks to be found. And despite claims of test kits being available and all Americans being eligible for treatment if they suspect they have COVID-19, the daily reality is not the case. If from day one the crisis was competently handled, and warnings heeded, America would have escaped unscattered similar to countries like Taiwan or New Zealand.
Now, we have Dr Anthony Fauci, one of the key right hand man of President Trump advocating and praising the use of Gilead’s Remidesivir despite initial reports from clinical trials in China showing its inefficacy.
This is the very same person who granted US$ 3.7 million to the Wuhan lab to conduct research on Bat viruses in 2015. and and and
Yes we all know that typically big pharma corporations have deep pockets to manipulate studies and even buy government officials but there has to be some kind of limit.
Dr Fauci said Gilead Sciences' experimental antiviral drug remdesivir is likely to become the standard of care for Covid-19 after early results from a key clinical trial showed it helped certain patients recover more quickly from the illness caused by the coronavirus.

According to him, preliminary results from a US government trial show that patients given remdesivir had a 31 per cent faster recovery time than those who received a placebo, results hailed by Dr Anthony Fauci.

Pharma giant, Gilead earlier on Wednesday said remdesivir helped improve outcomes for patients with Covid-19 in the government-run trial, and provided additional data suggesting it worked better when given earlier in the course of illness, sending its shares up more than 7 per cent.

Dr Fauci said, "The data shows that remdesivir has a clear cut significant positive effect in diminishing the time to recover. This is really quite important," Fauci told reporters at the White House, likening it to a moment in 1986 "when we were struggling for drugs for HIV and we had nothing. This will be the standard of care. The FDA, literally as we speak, is working with Gilead to figure out mechanisms to make this easily available to those who need it."
Former US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said, "There's now enough data to support consideration of access under an emergency use authorisation by FDA."
However despite the excitement, Dr Lawrence K. Altman, global fellow at The Wilson Centre in Washington DC, said more information is needed.

He added, "While a new study offers a glimmer of hope that claims remdesivir has an effect against Covid-19, determination of its benefit for the general population must await release of pertinent details to evaluate the study's findings and scientific analysis comparing them to other studies of the drug that have shown mixed results."

Gilead now claims that in a 397-patient trial, 62 per cent of patients treated early with remdesivir were discharged from the hospital, compared with 49 per cent of patients who were treated later in the course of the infection.

Merdad Parsey, Gilead’s chief medical officer in a statement said a five-day regimen "could significantly expand the number of patients who could be treated with our current supply of remdesivir."

However also on Wednesday, results were published by the Lancet medical journal of a trial conducted in China that concluded remdesivir failed to improve patients' condition or reduce the pathogen's presence in the bloodstream.
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Many medical experts are warning about the rush to use Remdesivir as it is a highly toxic drug and many are wondering if it is going to be another poison like chloroquine that the US administration is going to use to kill more Americans.

Chief executive of Gilead, Daniel O'Day earlier this month said the company was prepared to donate 1.5 million doses of remdesivir to hospitals dealing with severely ill patients.

US FDA regulatory approval of the drug would also clear the way for commercial sales.

Remdesivir, which previously failed as a treatment for Ebola, is highly cardiotoxic, hepatic toxic and also renal toxic.
Many epidemiology experts are now revising projections to say that at least 350,000 Americans would be dead by August and at least 8 million infected provided there are no further spikes or a second wave, in which case the figures could even rise exponentially.

Americans are also warned that they have legal rights to reject drugs given to them by doctors or hospitals and that their next of kin have legal rights to sue doctors, hospitals and health and government authorities for deaths or incidences arising from the usage of deadly drugs like chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine , azithromycin, and the various antivirals that do not have any real efficacy proof.
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