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Nikhil Prasad  Fact checked by:Thailand Medical News Team Jan 07, 2024  1 month, 2 weeks, 9 hours, 39 minutes ago

BREAKING COVID-19 News! Various American Medical Organizations Petition Supreme Court To Censor And Ban All Online Comments On COVID-19 Vaccines!

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BREAKING COVID-19 News! Various American Medical Organizations Petition Supreme Court To Censor And Ban All Online Comments On COVID-19 Vaccines!
Nikhil Prasad  Fact checked by:Thailand Medical News Team Jan 07, 2024  1 month, 2 weeks, 9 hours, 39 minutes ago
COVID-19 News: In a quiet legal maneuver that has largely escaped public attention, several of the United States' most prestigious medical organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Medical Association (AMA), American Academy Of Family Physicians, American College Of Physicians, And American Geriatrics Society, have jointly submitted a legal brief to the Supreme Court, advocating for the government's authority to censor information related to COVID-19 vaccines.

The legal petition filed To the Supreme Court to censor and ban all onine comments about the COVID-19 vaccines
This controversial document, filed in connection with the Missouri v Biden case, involves a free speech challenge where three doctors and two citizens assert that the federal government pressured social media platforms to censor them, infringing upon their First Amendment rights.
This COVID-19 News report delves deeper into the potential ramifications of such a legal stance and scrutinizes the arguments set forth in the medical organizations' brief.
The Legal Battle Unveiled
The legal brief, submitted by esteemed medical associations, posits that the government has a "compelling interest" in combatting what they classify as "vaccine misinformation." The implications of the Supreme Court adopting this position are profound, as it would grant the government unprecedented authority to determine what constitutes truth, potentially suppressing alternative viewpoints and opinions.
The core argument of the brief is that misinformation about vaccines hampers their "lifesaving role," with examples such as conspiracy theories about microchips and magnetization on social media allegedly leading to a "declining vaccination uptake by the public." While the brief does not explicitly call for censorship, it heavily implies such action, particularly in the final section titled "Combatting vaccine misinformation after its acceptance is not reliably effective and diverts resources from clinical care."
Questioning the Definition of Misinformation
While the medical organizations and the government express a noble goal of saving lives through combating misinformation, the brief fails to acknowledge the inconvenient reality that health authorities and politicians have disseminated inaccurate information during the pandemic. The broad definition of misinformation in the brief encompasses any incorrect information about vaccines, potentially implicating the government itself.
There were social media and news coverages presenting examples of misleading statements made by President Biden, former CDC head Rochelle Walensky, and Dr Anthony Fauci. These instances highlight the inconsistency in de fining misinformation and underscore the problematic nature of allowing the government to be the sole arbiter of truth, especially in the realm of complex and evolving scientific information.
In July 2021, President Biden asserted, "If you're vaccinated, you're not going to be hospitalized, you're not going to be in the IC unit, and you're not going to die." Additionally, during the same Town Hall, he confidently stated, "You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations."
In March 2021, the then head of the CDC, Rochelle Walensky, shared, "Our data from CDC today suggest that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick."
Come May 2021, Anthony Fauci proclaimed that being vaccinated meant "you become a dead end to the virus."
Moving beyond discussions solely on vaccines, there have been numerous instances where Dr Fauci and other officials made assertions that raised eyebrows. One notable example revolves around the purported effectiveness of mask mandates. This resulted in masks being mandated in various contexts across American life for an extended period, including schools impacting millions of children. However, in April 2023, Fauci admitted that, at the population level, masks only "work at the margins."
Cherry-Picking Data
The legal brief cites studies to support its claims about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, particularly regarding myocarditis risk. However, the brief conveniently overlooks the nuanced details in the data, such as the significantly higher incidence of vaccine-related myocarditis in young males. This selective use of information raises concerns about the accuracy and completeness of the arguments put forth by the medical organizations.
The Risk of Government Overreach
One glaring example of the brief's shortsightedness is its inclusion of a belief that the "Covid-19 vaccine will damage testicles" as an instance of misinformation. While the brief does not provide evidence supporting this specific claim, it dismisses a peer-reviewed study suggesting temporary impairment of semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors after COVID-19 vaccination. This raises important questions about the potential suppression of nuanced information that falls outside the binary categorization of "misinformation."
Protecting Public Health without Sacrificing Freedom
While the objective of protecting citizens from false and dangerous medical claims is commendable, the approach advocated by the medical associations poses a significant threat to freedom of speech. Rather than suppressing information deemed unacceptable by the government, the focus should be on presenting accurate and transparent information while acknowledging uncertainties. The government should not be the final arbiter of truth, and alternative views should be allowed to flourish in a democratic society.
The Complex Landscape of Public Health Communication
As the legal battle unfolds in the Supreme Court, with major medical organizations advocating for the government's right to censor COVID-19 vaccine-related information, the intricate landscape of public health communication comes into focus. The challenge lies in striking a delicate balance between ensuring the dissemination of accurate information and respecting individuals' rights to express their views.
The Complexity of Scientific Information
Scientific information, especially in the context of a rapidly evolving global health crisis, is inherently complex and subject to continuous refinement. The medical organizations' brief, while emphasizing the importance of combating misinformation, overlooks the dynamic nature of scientific understanding. The inherent uncertainty in certain aspects of medical research necessitates an open dialogue that accommodates diverse perspectives and acknowledges the potential for evolving truths.
The Role of the Government in Public Health Communication
The question of the government's role in public health communication is pivotal to the ongoing debate. While there is a legitimate need for authorities to guide the public through accurate and evidence-based information, the potential overreach into determining the boundaries of acceptable discourse raises concerns. A nuanced approach is required - one that empowers citizens with knowledge while allowing for open discourse on matters that may not yet have a definitive scientific consensus.
Examining Past Inconsistencies
The legal brief's broad definition of misinformation and the oversight of past inconsistencies in official statements further highlight the potential pitfalls of entrusting the government with unchecked authority. Instances where health authorities and politicians provided inaccurate information during the pandemic demonstrate the importance of a robust and transparent system that encourages accountability and correction, rather than censorship.
Championing Freedom of Speech
The crux of the matter lies in championing freedom of speech while simultaneously safeguarding public health. The legal battle before the Supreme Court underscores the need for a nuanced and principled approach. Instead of relying on censorship, the government should focus on presenting accurate information, fostering public trust, and maintaining an open dialogue with citizens.
Big Pharma, Dr Fauci And Democrats Behind The legal Move
There are strong indications that the various American medical organizations are being lobbied by the big pharmaceutical companies and the vaccine manufacturers along with the US.NIH with Dr Fauci and various prominent Democrats behind the move. Most of the Democrat politicians have vested interests with various big pharma companies.
Plans to also have all COVID-19 News and other Medical Information censored as well!
It was reported for sources close to the various medical organizations that should they win they are plans to also file other legal petitions calling for the censorship and ban of on all COVID-19 News and information as well as that of other medical issues and diseases including cancer!
American Social Media Platforms and Search Engines Presently Censoring COVID-19 News
At present, despite COVID-19 surging globally, various American social media platforms and even search engines are already shadow-banning or censoring present COVID-19 News coverages and even lowering news feeds and timeline exposures of any articles from any sites concerning COVID-19. Even the X platform (formerly twitter) whose owner Elon Muk claims to be an an avocado of free speech, under pressure from the WEF , EU and the Biden administration, has lower engagements for all post concerning COVID-19. Many accounts on the X platform can verify this new stance.
Call For Counter-Action
Some groups are calling for more local activists, community groups, local American citizens to not only counter the move but also file counter suits against all individuals in these organizations behind the move. Doctors trying to impede free speech should be sued to have their medical licenses revoked and more citizen investigators need to do more background checks on these doctors and their families to uncover any kind of wrong doings on their part so as to get actions rolling to get them out of medical practice.
As the legal battle over COVID-19 vaccine information censorship unfolds before the Supreme Court, the stakes are high. The potential consequences of granting the government unchecked authority to determine truth and suppress alternative viewpoints raise fundamental questions about the essence of democracy. In navigating the crossroads of free speech and public health, it is imperative to find a balanced approach—one that upholds the principles of transparency, accountability, and individual freedoms. As the Supreme Court prepares to hear Missouri v Biden, the nation watches closely, hoping that the decision will strike a delicate equilibrium between protecting public health and preserving the bedrock principles of democracy.
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