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James Rosh   Jan 14, 2024  1 month, 1 week, 3 days, 11 hours, 59 minutes ago

BREAKING COVID-19 News! Thailand Doctors Finally Speak Up Against COVID-19 Vaccines And Long COVID! Investigations Should Be Initiated!

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BREAKING COVID-19 News! Thailand Doctors Finally Speak Up Against COVID-19 Vaccines And Long COVID! Investigations Should Be Initiated!
James Rosh   Jan 14, 2024  1 month, 1 week, 3 days, 11 hours, 59 minutes ago
COVID-19 News: Leading Thailand medical experts and medical institutions are finally speaking up about the possible dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines and about the health issues of Long COVID.

Thai Doctors Finally Speak Up Against COVID-19 Vaccines
According to a local COVID-19 News coverage by Bangkok Post, the only leading English mainstream news media in Thailand, medical experts from Chulalongkorn and Rangsit Universities are warning about the dangers of the current COVID-19 vaccines and about the dangers of Long COVID and also issues associated with reinfections.
The Bangkok Post media should also be praised for featuring this coverage and letting the public be aware such medical issues.
According to the Bangkok Post article, leading experts, Professor Dr Thiravat Hemachudha, director of the Thai Red Cross Emerging Infectious Diseases Health Science Centre at Chulalongkorn University, and Dr Panthep Puapongphan, dean of the College of Oriental Medicine at Rangsit University issued warnings about the possible dangers associated with the COVID-19 vaccines and also about the long-term effects of COVID-19 infections, commonly known as Long COVID.
The two distinguished medical professionals said that multiple COVID-19 vaccinations and Long COVID might dormant  diseases surface, weaken immunity and lead to cancer and brain disorders.
They also warned that symptoms that remained longer than three months after an acute COVID-19 infection that are termed as "Long COVID" should not be ignored and required immediate medical attention.
Some of these Long COVID issues concerns the heart and lungs as well as the brain and CNS system. Long term persistent chronic inflammation is also another common manifestation of SARS-CoV-2 which can lead to not only serious medical conditions but also possibly lead to fatal outcomes such as strokes, heart failures, lung fibrosis, organ failures and sepsis.
Both infections and the vaccines can also possibly lead to various cancers, clots and also reactivate various dormant pathogens such as herpes, and even TB.
Shockingly, both Professor Dr Thiravat and Dr Panthep stated that there were efforts to conceal data about the people affected and killed by vaccinations.
They also said that the official number of people affected by vaccinations was thus unrealistically low. As a result, many people were unaware that vaccinations affected them and they could not find proper treatment.
Reacting to the news, many activist groups, experts and even certain politicians are calling for investigations and to disclose names of people who are behind trying to conceal such data.
They have also called for the investigations to see if any individuals could have gained financially from the vaccine deals in Thailand.
Interestingly, both Dr Thiravat and Dr Panthep also said that the mortality rate of Thais rose from its levels before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. They urged for investigation to find out if it was related to vaccinations.
In July 2023, Thailand Medical News had published an article about the rising mortality numbers in Thailand and even asked many relevant politicians for an answer but to no avail.
The international agencies collating these excess mortality data later said that they were treated badly by certain officials for making these data public and interestingly submission of data for later months were delayed and later appeared to be less severe in subsequent months…raising doubts about the current data being submitted.
Many research and studies in other countries are indicating that many people are dying as a result of the COVId-19 vaccines and their efficacy is really being questioned. Many are dying from heart, respiratory issues and strokes as a result of these vaccines.
Many studies showing the merits of the vaccines are often paid for directly or indirectly to unethical and unscrupulous researchers and institutions.
There are also many garbage accounts on twitter (now stupidly called X) of corrupted medical and scientific professionals being paid by the vaccine manufacturers and the WEF to promote the vaccines!
According to the Bangkok Post article, the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University found nearly 100 COVID-19 cases who were vaccinated had inflammation and protein conditions that indicate brain disorders, they said, with some already showing brain disorder symptoms!
Both Professor Thiravat and Dr Panthep also quoted Ramathibodi Hospital as reporting a research project by the Faculty of Medicine at Mahidol University that showed that after their third jabs of COVId-19 vaccination, many individuals people had weak T-Cell immunity, with implications that the vaccines were driving immune dysregulation or even immunodeficiency!
Both Professor Thiravat and Dr Panthep sadi that the real and accurate data of the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines should be revealed to the general public so that people can make informed decisions on their vaccination.
It has been reported that in many rural areas of Thailand where many poor and uneducated Thais were forcibly made to have the vaccines or were even coerced by their village chiefs or village health volunteers etc who were acting on the orders of certain government officials and politicians, many of these rural folk have now been found to be inflicted with various illnesses and diseases and have no access to proper medical treatments. Detailed investigations should be initiated by different groups including the opposition politician’s if they are really up to their words and task of having the Thai people’s interest in their hearts so that people involved in coercing others into getting the vaccines should be prosecuted. Certain garbage doctors and virologists who were often in the media promoting the vaccines should also be held responsible and also checked to see if they were being paid by any parties.
Thais who have had complications as a result of the vaccines should band together and make their grievance known more publicly and they should also sue those responsible for compensation.
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