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James Rosh  Jan 23, 2024  4 weeks, 23 hours, 4 minutes ago

BREAKING NEWS! COVID-19 Hospitalizations Up By 12.8 Percent In Thailand While Worrisome JN.1 Spawns JN.1.4, JN.1.1.3, JN.1.6 Debuts In The Country!

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BREAKING NEWS! COVID-19 Hospitalizations Up By 12.8 Percent In Thailand While Worrisome JN.1 Spawns JN.1.4, JN.1.1.3, JN.1.6 Debuts In The Country!
James Rosh  Jan 23, 2024  4 weeks, 23 hours, 4 minutes ago
Thailand COVID-19 News: Latest reports from Thailand’s Department of Disease Control (DDC) shows that COVID-19 hospitalizations have by about 12.8 percent in the past week when compared to the preceding week.

Thailand Seeing An Uptick Of COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations
The latest figures from Thailand’s DDC though lacking total number of daily COVID-19 testing undertaken or even the COVID-19 test possivity rates and are likely to be well below the actual figures, still reflect a worrisome scenario.
A total of 718 individuals were admitted to hospitals due to COVID-19 disease severity during the period 14th of January 2024 to 20th January 2024.(note that certain private hospitals in the country are insisting that the actual figures could be far much more as they are already overwhelmed at their own hospitals!
According to the DDC, average daily admissions had increased to about 102 from 89 during the previous 7 days between 7th-13th of January 2024.
The total number of deaths for the latest epidemiological week also sadly showed an increase of deaths with 11 individuals reported dead due to COVID-19. (We do however advise readers to carefully study the excess death rates in Thailand to get a realistic perspective of the actual deaths that COVID-19 is driving in the country!) It was reported that of the dead, almost all were elderly individual and some with most having existing comorbidities. 5 had completed the two dose COVID-19 vaccine regimens while the remining 6 were unvaccinated.
Of the 718 new hospital admissions, 209 were reported to be having serious ARDs conditions with their lungs severely compromised.
A total of 149 are on ventilators of which 142 were fully vaccinated individuals who had received boosters while only 42 were unvaccinated.
This shocking revelation questions the efficacy of the vaccines and boosters in protecting against disease severity.
Already a lot of Thai doctors and Thai healthcare professionals are raising concerns about the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines and also about the adverse effects that it is causing.
A recent Thai study has also showed homologous doses of the Pfizer RNA vaccines increases the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis!
While ignorant doctors and also many dumb ‘journalist’ from local Thailand COVID-19 News outlets and even garbage news aggregator sites or forums run by British boiler room scammers, Australian pedophiles and Russian criminals are claiming that the JN.1 variant are behind the current surge, there are actually many other SARS-CoV-2 strains and sub-lineages still in circulation in Thailand and are also playing a key role behind the current surge which has been and will be a long wave in the sense the surge will be over a long period of time and it not the least expected to reach a peak or end anytime soon.
The fact of the matter is that there are many other JN.1 spawns with unique mutations and even possibly different pathogenic behaviors now at play globally and even in Thailand and that even the JN.1 variant should not be much of concern compared to these newer spawns.
Data from GISAID and also from the CoV-Spectrum platform shows that a number new JN.1 sub-lineages such as JN.1.1, JN.1.1.1, Jn.1.4, JN.1.1.3 and JN.1.6 have already made their debut in Thailand.*&
(look at lineages)
Of these, the below JN.1 spawns or sub-lineages that have made their recent debut in Thailand and could possibly be the ones driving disease severity. However, detailed studies are needed to validate this.
JN.1.1 (9 sequences so far)
JN.1.4 (sequences so far)
JN.1.1.3 (2 sequences so far)
JN.1.1.1 (1 sequence so far)
JN.1.6 (1 sequence so far)
Note that most of these sequences were from samples taken from hospitalized individuals exhibiting disease severity and ARDs.
Thailand should also be wary of the even more concerning strains like JN.1.11, JN.1.2 and JN.1.6.1 reaching the country.
Thai Health authorities at the moment insist that the JN.1 strain is not exhibiting any signs that it drives disease severity.
Meanwhile, health authorities in Thailand are saying that they are seeing many in the current COVID-19 surge developing symptoms like coughing, muscle pain, sore throat, headache, and a runny nose.
The Thai Disease Control Department is advising locals and expats in the country to not to let their guard down and to take precautions by wearing face masks whenever they are in crowded places, such as on public transport or in hospitals, to wash their hands frequently and to take a COVID-19 ATK test if they develop flu-like symptoms.
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