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Nikhil Prasad  Dec 18, 2023  4 months ago
COVID-19 News-New Zealand: In the latest update on the COVID-19 situation in New Zealand, authorities are cautiously optimistic as the nation reports a decrease in new cases over the past week. According to figures released by the Ministry of Health, there were 7,417 new cases reported, with 4,144 being reinfections.
Nikhil Prasad  Dec 18, 2023  4 months ago
Pediatric Bronchiolitis Infections Also Rising At Alarming Levels   COVID-19 News-France: As the year draws to a close, France is grappling with a significant surge in COVID-19 cases, marking an alarming increase in infections over a one-week period from December 4th to December 10th, 2023. The rise, totaling more than 100,000 new cases, has been attributed to multiple factors, including a ...
Nikhil Prasad  Dec 18, 2023  4 months ago
Leading Canadian Infectious Disease Researcher Tara Moriarty Raises Concerns On Increasing COVID-19 Deaths In Newfoundland and Labrador.   COVID-19 News-Canada: As the holiday season approaches, Newfoundland and Labrador is grappling with a concerning surge in COVID-19 cases, prompting leading infectious disease researcher and University of Toronto professor Dr Tara Moriarty to voice her ap...
Thailand Medical News  Dec 17, 2023  4 months ago
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Nikhil Prasad  Dec 17, 2023  4 months ago
COVID-19 News: The ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic has brought researchers from around the world together in a collaborative effort to understand the intricacies of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Among the many proteins encoded by the virus, the envelope protein (E) has emerged as a focal point of investigation due to its crucial role in the viral life cycle. ZO-1 recruitment to E Golgi p...