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Source: Singapore COVID-19 News  Oct 22, 2021  1 year ago
Current COVID-19 Surges In Singapore Are Driven By New Delta Subvariant AY.23 That Is Causing Breakthrough Infections Among The Fully Vaccinated!
Current COVID-19 Surges In Singapore Are Driven By New Delta Subvariant AY.23 That Is Causing Breakthrough Infections Among The Fully Vaccinated!
Source: Singapore COVID-19 News  Oct 22, 2021  1 year ago
The current COVID-19 surges in Singapore are being driven by a new Delta Sub-variant identified as AY.23. This new sub-variant reportedly spots two new novel mutations that make it even more transmissible and immune evasive and is responsible for the large number of breakthrough infections. It is also said that this new sub-variant also replicates at an astounding rate once inside a human host, resulting in high viral loads and faster disease progression.

This AY.23 delta sub-variant was first detected in Singapore in late July but at that time, the particular Delta sub-variant was still evolving to gain viral fitness and had not been predominant in circulation as yet.
However, by late September, this new Delta sub-lineage of the coronavirus dubbed AY.23 rose rapidly in Singapore displacing the “ancestral” Delta strain.
By mid-October, Singapore witnessed a dramatic surge in cases with daily infection rates three to four-fold higher than the initial waves in 2020, with approximately more than 3,000 new cases each day.
It was reported that hospitalizations have soared over the fortnight. ICU admission has climbed from less than 50 patients to now exceeding more than 380 cases.
Essentially, all cases are now associated with locally transmitted cases. 
Alarmingly seventy-five percent of all cases were among the vaccinated and partially vaccinated indicating that the new Delta sub-variant is causing breakthrough infections.
Contrary to what has been brainwashed to the masses by the American and British mainstream media, social media and their so called ‘experts’, many of the vaccinated are still developing disease severity and being hospitalized and many are still dying from these breakthrough infections despite it not even being more than five to four months since some were last vaccinated.
However despite these developments, the Singapore authorities decided to pivot to a strategy of living with the virus. More than 84.5 percent of the population had been fully vaccinated, and the country aimed to reach 90 percent before December.
The country even boasted about opening the country to international travelers yesterday.
Singapore and Thailand are the two countries in South-East Asia whose economies are bleeding dry as a result of over dependence on tourism and foreign monies.
Thailand even initiated a 'suicide mission' for the country as it announced a few hours ago that it was opening up the country on the Ist of November to vaccinated travelers from 46 countries without the need for quarantines.
There are no experts in both countries that know anything about the evolving aspects of the new variants, their pathogenesis, immune evasiveness, the issue of viral persistence or even about Long COVID etc but are merely exposing their citizens to more risk.
It will definitely be fun in the coming weeks not only for these two countries but as for many other countries around the world. If anyone really thinks that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to end or even become as least better and more manageable, they are going to be in for a rude shock.
Meanwhile in Japan, it h as been reported that yet another new Delta sub-variant AY.29, which has C5239T and T5514C mutations is starting to cause another surge in the country.
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