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Source: COVID-19 Warning  May 05, 2020  3 years ago
BREAKING NEWS! COVID-19 Warning: More Children In America Being Inflicted With Deadly Mysterious Illness Linked To Covid-19
BREAKING NEWS! COVID-19 Warning: More Children In America Being Inflicted With Deadly Mysterious Illness Linked To Covid-19
Source: COVID-19 Warning  May 05, 2020  3 years ago
COVID-19 Warning: US Health Officials announced a few hours ago that fifteen American children in New York had developed a mysterious syndrome that doctors do not yet fully understand but that has also been reported in several European countries, while other states are also reporting similar cases.

The children, aged two to 15, have shown symptoms associated with toxic shock or Kawasaki disease, a rare illness in children that involves inflammation of the blood vessels, including coronary arteries, the city's health department said.
So far none of the New York City child patients with the syndrome has died, according to a bulletin from the health department, which describes the illness as a "multisystem inflammatory syndrome potentially associated with Covid-19." (However according to data from the same health department, six children have died of Covid-19 in New York so far.)
The state health commissioner, Dr Howard Zucker, said state officials were also investigating the unexplained syndrome.
The new pediatric medical condition syndrome associated with COVID-19 has received growing attention in recent weeks as cases began appearing in European countries hit hard by the coronavirus. https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/warning-covid-19-could-be-linked-to-emerging-serious-medical-conditions-in-children-according-to-british-medical-authorities-
The incompetent World Health Organization lead by  Ethiopian national Tedros Adhanom  who is refusing to step down despite growing calls for him to resign https://www.change.org/p/united-nations-call-for-the-resignation-of-tedros-adhanom-ghebreyesus-who-director-general along with the rest of his China praising team of ‘medical experts’ however downplayed the warnings and occurrence and said that it was rare.
Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, a World Health Organisation ‘scientist’, said at a news briefing last week, “There are some recent rare descriptions of children in some European countries that have had this inflammatory syndrome, which is similar to the Kawasaki syndrome, but it seems to be very rare."

Numerous reports of children sick with the unexplained syndrome in New York City and also in other US States have been circulating for several days, but Monday's bulletin was the first time the city's health authorities warned doctors to be on the lookout for patients who might have it.
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The medical bulletin said that most of the 15 children had a fever and many had a rash, vomiting or diarrhea. Since being hospitalized, five of them have needed a mechanical ventilator to help them breathe, and most of the 15 "required blood pressure support".
It was reported, "The full spectrum of disease is not yet known. Of the 15 patients, most either tested positive for the coronavirus or were found, through antibody testing, to likely have been previously infected.”
New Yorks city's health commissioner, Dr Oxiris Barbot publicly announced, "Even though the relationship of this syndrome to Covid-19 is not yet defined, and not all of these cases have tested positive for Covid-19 by either DNA test or serology, the clinical nature of this virus is such that we are asking all providers to contact us immediately if they see patients who meet the criteria we've outlined."
She also warned parents, "If your child has symptoms like fever, rash, abdominal pain or vomiting, call your doctor immediately."
Medical experts also warned that conjunctivitis, or inflammation of the eye, and swollen lymph nodes are also symptoms of Kawasaki disease.

It was reported that the health department identified the 15 patients by contacting hospital pediatric intensive care units across the city in recent days. It was also warned that only severe cases may have been recognized at this time and that there could be hundreds more cases.
It was previously reported that Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital had treated some patients believed to have this syndrome and that some had developed heart problems and blood pressure.
The state health commissioner, Dr Zucker  was asked last week about reports of toxic shock in younger patients. He responded that officials were aware that the virus attacks different organs, including the lining of blood vessels; something some doctors believe may be contributing to blood clots in some coronavirus patients.
He commented, "What we have been seeing is that there are some children who may have an inflammation of those blood vessels, and are developing a toxic-shock-like syndrome.” He also added at that time there was only a small number of cases.
Alarmingly on Monday night, Dr Zucker reiterated that state health officials were aware of the growing number of multiple cases of this syndrome in New York City hospitals, and that he had spoken with medical providers statewide about it. He also said there are more cases being reported in other states.

He said the state health department was also looking at possible Kawasaki cases in children and adolescents in Europe, which were the subject of an international webinar last weekend.
Medical Experts across the country are warning that this is something that health care professionals could have overlooked and that perhaps new mutated strains of the SARS-CoV-2 are responsible for this new deadly clinical condition in children.
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