Contrary To Misinformation, COVID-19 Mortality And Hospitalization Has Been Rising In The Last 30 Days Globally. Please Take Precautions!

Source: US COVID-19 News  May 17, 2020  3 years ago
US COVID-19 News: Americans Need Proper Help, COVID-19 Crisis Totally Mismanaged, Total Deaths: 90,113, Infected 1.508 million Critical 21,917
US COVID-19 News: Americans Need Proper Help, COVID-19 Crisis Totally Mismanaged, Total Deaths: 90,113, Infected 1.508 million Critical 21,917
Source: US COVID-19 News  May 17, 2020  3 years ago
US COVID-19 News: (EDITORIAL) Who is to be blame for the mess that America is in (besides China and WHO off course), its citizens, its health experts or its Government?

Over the last few months, the world has been in a state of shock with what is happening in America, the country that was reputed to have the best medical research facilities, the best medical and healthcare professionals and the best healthcare facilities in the world. As the China virus spread in America, it soon became apparent to the rest of the world that none of this was the case and it was sadly hilarious to see how the top US government officials were managing the crisis.
The US CDC was so ill prepared in its initial testing program that it created a Pandora box.
Then you had a individual in power that was saying the COVID-19 was nothing more than a common flu. And worse this ignorant individual that Americans chose to be their leader and who had no formal medical training was allowed to dictate medical policies and protocols. This individual first started by advocating the usage of the lethal drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine which has no proven efficacy against the COVID-19 and god knows how many deaths were caused by it but yet no single American especially healthcare professionals have come forward to start any legal recourse against the ignorant individual and his stupid minions for promoting its use.
The same stupid individual is now promoting the use of a COVID-19 testing tool that is not the least accurate and a fraudulent doctor in his team who is claimed to be an infectious disease expert is now promoting the use of a drug called Remdesivir that has no proven efficacy against the COVID-19 disease except a lame study showing it reduces hospitalization time and there are to date no safety studies on the drug despite some saying it is toxic. What is even worse is ignorant and 'blind' medical professionals in the US are fighting for allocation of the drug instead of asking questions.
The people at the other end of the spectrum are also to be blamed to. Most of the common Americans are generally not concerned about health issues. The way they eat and their dietary habits are shocking. They do not even take a proactive approach to health and preventing diseases (with the exception of a small minority).
Interestingly during the lockdown, instead of finding ways to maintain their health, many were eating trash food (tracking studies showed what Americans ate during the lockdowns.) that only exacerbated the chronic diseases that many were suffering from.
Surprisingly for a medical news site that was trying to keep people informed, we realized that most Americans only wanted free medical and health information online, they would not pay for such content or even help support such websites through donations but they would pay for porn. Major online porn sites reported 22 percent to 35 percent boost in revenue from subscribers during the lockdowns. (We really wish that someone should hack and release in public all these porn subscribers details and make sure that they do not get any access to any free or subsidized medical services and should they contract COVID-19 they should simply revert back to the same porn sites for medical advice!)  Online gambling sites also reported profitable proceeds during the lockdowns.
 < ;br /> We never advocated lockdowns especially on the economic fronts but border closures and international travel closures yes to prevent the Chinese vectors from spreading the disease. As far as social distancing issues are concerned, it is a simply waste of time as real research that authorities are preventing people from really knowing, will show that it does not work. Already we are now are seeing studies on how this super airborne virus can spread and remain in the air for long periods of time and over distances and even normal speech can spread it and how it can remain active on surfaces for long periods of time and can withstand many factors.
The reality with millions of asymptomatic carriers out there and also 4.6 million tested infected so far, is to accept the fact that the virus is now everywhere.
So called testings etc are simply a waste of time, it is only the companies that are making these kits and corrupted health authorities worldwide  that are making money but not helping stopping the spread of the disease.. As Bill Gates pointed out, the testing methods are ineffective. A person goes for a test and has to wait for results in a day or 2 that might show he is negative but during that period he might have already got the virus but he is having a false sense of security from the results and is going around and spreading it unknowingly. The only way we can use testing effectively is if governments have the logistics and money and scaringly do things like during the Nazi occupation: Test people on the spot with diagnostic platforms that can give instant results and then segregate people on the spot!
Sadly the only way now to manage the disease is to open all countries and economies and adopt the  herd immunity approach. At the same times instead of spending monies on testing and social distancing propaganda, governments should spend money on beefing up the hospitals and medical care facilities and drug and equipment supplies for those that are going to be severely sick. Standard drugs to treat basic symptoms should be made easily available for the masses that will only suffer from the mild to moderate symptoms, without the need for them to visit healthcare facilities.
People should be educated (no longer free) on how to boost their immune systems, treat the symptoms of mild to moderate infections and to  adopt a healthy lifestyle and take self-precautions etc and those at high risk to either isolate or risk dying.
We have to accept that at least 0.3-0.5 percent of the world population will die from COVID-19 over the next 3 years.
Economies should be opened and more research should be spent to find ways to treat the symptoms and conditions. As far Thailand Medical News is concerned there will never be a cure nor a vaccine for this despite all the lies being spewed around.
As far as the individual that has made the situation worse in the US, the only way that he could redeem himself and get re-elected is he was to find a way to make China pay dearly for this global COVID-19 pandemic that originated from China and spread by the Chinese people.
People around the world that are suffering and only wish to see retribution as with a majority of Americans. Even a war with China might be opportune. Countries that support China should also be punished the same way. He should focus on rallying support from Australia, Japan, The EU, India, Canada and the Middle-East that are all now also upset with China. There are only a handful of  countries that are run by dictators that are pro-China and trade sanctions should be imposed on them as well along with sanctions on their leaders.
For the rest of the decent Americans, medical researchers and doctors, they should stand up and start doing something and correct the way that the medical and healthcare aspects of this crisis should be managed including the drugs and protocols etc. Stop letting the American health authorities from killing it own people with lethal drugs that are being promoted by the big pharmaceutical organizations.

In drug repurposing studies many cheaper non-patented drugs, supplements and herbs have emerged as possible candidates to treat COVID-19 symptoms  but are not being researched further due to intervention by the pharma giants that have the government and health authorities, medical journals, media, unethical journalists and doctors, and social media platforms in their pockets.

Doctors, heathcare professionals and medical researchers should focus on these cheaper and easily available therapeutics to treat the various COVID-19 symptoms.
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