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Source: Coronavirus Research  Mar 17, 2020  3 years ago
MUST READ: Coronavirus-Are We Being Lied To Or Are The Experts Clueless?
MUST READ: Coronavirus-Are We Being Lied To Or Are The Experts Clueless?
Source: Coronavirus Research  Mar 17, 2020  3 years ago
It getting terribly frustrating that as the team at Thailand Medical News peruses through hundreds of new research  studies, some peer-reviewed and other not, it seems that  WHO, the US CDC, NIH, government officials and health authorities as either not telling us something, are lying or are clueless.

For instance, we are coming across lots of published studies that despite certain experts in the fields are claiming that the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus have not mutated or have mutated but not to the stage of not having any major effects, we have discovered at least 7 none peer reviewed studies and 3 peer-reviewed studies showing otherwise. Not only have mutations occurred but new strains of the virus have emerged with varying effects and properties.
As of yesterday, we came across the fact that there are at least 49 identified strains now but then again a few hours later upon publishing our article (, we were informed by experts from  Europe, US and China that there at least over a hundred plus strains as of now.
Pardon our stupidity and ignorance as the teams at Thailand Medical News only has a few GPs, a genomic specialist and an infectious disease specialist and a couple of medical researchers on our advisory team for the coronavirus beat, hence we are not as great as the experts out there, but reviewing the fact that major changes have taken place on the codons on the RNA genome of these strands, does it not have a bearing on the PCR nucleic test diagnostics? Does it not also have a bearing on drugs and vaccine developments?
The fact there are also more than one way for the virus to “attack’ or bind itself to human cells ie does it not have implications for treatment protocols and vaccine development and that in actual fact we might actually be losing the battle to even develop a proper treatment protocol in time and that is why some of the initial identified antivirals that were initially effective are no longer showing efficacy? (
Why are pharma companies and governments saying that there are vaccines on the way or are almost ready when all these new emerging data will change everything and delay the process more? Why is no one talking about the details of the coronavirus itself?
Also as rightfully as some of the Chinese researchers are saying, the residual or dormant viral loads in the body of “recovered” patients will have effects on the human body just like HPV has the ability to cause a variety of cancers or the herpes virus ability to cause neurodegenerative diseases etc. Why is it that only Thailand Medical News bringing these things up, why are no studies being conducted on these just yet considering the fact tha t Chinese researchers are warning that some of the numerous strains as a result of their mode of attack on human host cells indicates that low level infection of such strains can result in chronic diseases from cancer to tissue and organ damage. (Is this all fake news and misinformation? or something that is being covered up. Health authorities in China refused to comment when these questions were asked.)
The public has a right to know as it is our bodies that are being affected. It is not an issue to hide information so as to not cause panic or anxiety. Stop talking to us about washing our hands and social distancing etc, these are basic things that a common person with brains should already know.
Tell us the reality of the situation, tell us more about current research about the SARS-CoV-2 itself , tell us how it affects us, tell us in details about potential drug candidates etc, we do not want to be guinea pigs once we are infected.
We also hope that some real virologists and genomic experts out there who are not gagged will also tell the world what exactly is going on publicly.
Also on the issue about the transmission of the new coronavirus, initially the fact that it can be airborne was dismissed as being fake news and misinformation but now it’s an accepted fact with the current propaganda on social distancing etc. Besides the ‘aerosol mode’ etc, we at Thailand Medical News suggest that experts start looking into what is known as ‘super airborne mode’, where the virus is able to disperse in the air over a longer period and distance and can be further accelerated by wind currents covering a bigger area! (Fake news and misinformation again or a possibility!)
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