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Next Frontier in Fight Against Aging


As longevity scientists look to target and stop aging, many researchers are focusing on geroprotectors, compounds capable of preventing or even reversing aging at the cellular level.
Senescent cells are particularly troublesome when they enter the stage in which they can no longer properly divide and function. As cells become dysfunctional, organ health markedly deteriorates.
Another problem caused by cell senescence is release of proinflammatory cytokines that systemically damage tissues.
Compounds capable of identifying and eliminating senescent cells are categorized as senolytics.
Clinical research on geroprotectors and senolytics is complicated by the fact that many decades of time may be required to determine human longevity benefits.
A novel way to accelerate the research is via the strategic use of high-speed computer programs employing artificial intelligence biomedical algorithms. This technology has advanced to where it can identify natural compounds that activate anti-aging pathways throughout the body.
Seeing the enormous potential of this kind of deep-learning artificial intelligence, Life Extension® has partnered with Insilico Medicine to identify nutrient cocktails that function as geroprotectors. The objective is to develop better ways to potentially slow or even stop certain aspects of aging processes.

This scientific collaboration has resulted in the identification of a geroprotector formulation consisting of four nutrients with various complementary and reinforcing properties. These include effects on cell signalingpathways with the potential to prevent the degenerative progression of damaged cells to a senescent state—and eliminate those that have reached irreversible senescence.1,2
With the discovery of geroprotective compounds, there are now greater opportunities to more effectively intervene into cellular aging processes.

By harnessing artificial intelligence advances with existing scientific data, a powerful new weapon to combat degenerative aging has emerged.


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