WARNING! Daily COVID-19 Infections, Hospitalizations And Deaths Rising In United Kingdom And Elsewhere In Europe!

Source: COVID-19 Warnings  May 06, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Warnings: More Will Perish In USA And UK Unless People Starting Taking Action, Governments And Health Authorities Are Incompetent To Control The Situation
COVID-19 Warnings: More Will Perish In USA And UK Unless People Starting Taking Action, Governments And Health Authorities Are Incompetent To Control The Situation
Source: COVID-19 Warnings  May 06, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Warnings: EDITORIAL- As of Wednesday 6th May 2020 (2000 hrs, Bangkok) , the dead toll in the United States has reached 72,290 while the number of Americans that are confirmed infected is about 1.24 million and to date about 7.7 million Americans out of a population of more than 328 million or about 2.3 percent for the population have been tested. (However note that about about 37 percent of these test readings can be faulty for a variety of reasons not including the fact that certain new strains cannot be picked up by certain PCR NAT Tests.)

Thailand Medical News projections are that at least a total of about 230,000 Americans would die by the end of August 2020 and the death toll would hit about 2.7 million by the end of May 2021 if things go on as the way it is. This is but a conservative estimate based on an optimistic outlook, but the situation could be far worse. We based our projections on a variety of factors including genomic studies showing the growing potency of the emerging mutated strains circulating among the American population, the projected number of silent asymptomatic carriers within the various communities, the total failure of the government and health authorities to manage the situation, the attitudes and the behavioral patterns of the masses and lastly the nonsensical medical guidelines on how to manage the disease including the usage of drugs like chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and now remdesivir.
It is not just President Trump but the whole 22 member team at the White House Coronavirus Task Force that have no clue what they are doing and some are even more dangerous and should  not be even listened to such as Dr Anthony Fauci, https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/united-states-covid-19-crisis-most-mismanaged-country-in-the-world,-now-dr-fauci-peddling-remdesivir-with-more-lies--1-06-million-americans-tested-pos ,Dr Deborah Birx  and Alex Azhar. ( TMN does not support any US politicians or parties but the least President Trump should do is to leave the task of medical and health guidance for the COVID-19 crisis to someone else more credible and reliable with the right credentials and track record  such as former Republican Governor Bobby Jindal. It best that President Trump focus on ways to deal with the local economy and also to find ways to hit back on China as hard as he can as that might help him win the elections as not only Americans but people in Europe and literally everywhere else wants to see China pay dearly for the damages and grief that the China Virus has brought the world.(there is no need to be politically correct…the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus originated from China and the Chinese people help spread it worldwide…these are facts.) The global masses want to see China and countries that also support China, pay for this global crisis.
It shocking to the world that a highly developed country like America with the most highly qualified medical professionals and medical researchers in the world is the country that has most badly managed the COVID-19 crisis. Some of its strategies, recommendations and medical guidelines are so laughable and maybe that is the problem with the country where you have too many so called medica l experts with their egos and the pharmaceutical giants controlling many scenes from behind, the media and social media platforms controlled by groups with other political or business agendas but have no interest for the wellbeing of the common American people. Some of the coverages by media like CNN, Fox News, Washington Post and USA Today were simply ridiculous. To date, it seems only the New York Times is the only credible media in the United States. Social media platforms and certain search engines have their own personal agendas and not the well being of the common Americans.
Many healthcare professionals and doctors have also started to rebel against the mainstream medical guidelines and protocols and the COVID-19 crisis has helped start create a medical rebellion that is growing underground.
We have had non-medical people coming up with modeling platforms, rules of social distancing and even getting involved in drug repurposing studies despite not having any medical trainings and even worse is that non-medically trained policy makers are adopting some of these stupid platforms that actually do not work.  (Social distancing at 1 to 3 meters for instance!)
For the common American people, the only way to survive the crisis is to take things into the own hands.
Economically they need to work and start making money and they have to look at ways that they can do so while protect themselves and their loved ones. Incorporating technology, working from home, online commerce and services are some of the things that they can explore. Bigger corporations should focus on how to start manufacturing products that America and other countries were too dependent on China for many years and Americans should start being patriotic and start supporting American products while boycotting inferior Chinese products. Pro-China US corporations should be targeted.
On the health front, Americans should still maintain necessary health safety precautions and standards even as the economy opens. As far as possible whenever possible, self isolation is the safest measure unless economic needs dictate.In such events they shoudl exercise ways to protect themselves at all cost and should never compromise. Protective masks and sanitizing ones hands is a must along with other precautions
On their own, they should start doing due diligence from credible sites and resources on how to enhance their immunity systems and stay safe. In cases of emergency such as developing mild or moderate symptoms, they should be equipped with what medications and safety precautions to take. There are actually a lot of cheap drugs whose patent licenses have expired and in which drug repurposing studies have shown they can be more effective in treating various conditions of the COVID-19 disease. (No need for expensive and lethal drugs by pharma giants). There are also lots of herbs and also nutritional supplements that can help. Always check with your doctors. Many doctors are now aware of the alternatives as there are lots of supporting credible medical studies to show their efficacy but however stay aware from doctors with commercial ties to the big pharmacy companies.
Also stay away from online sites peddling fake remedies and misinformation, always counter check with a reliable medical doctor.
Thailand Medical News has compiled such a guideline which we will be only emailing out to viewers who have supported the site, in about a fortnight’s time.
For British citizens, the problem is almost the same. The UK now has 194 990 confirmed infected individuals and about 29,427 dead with the grim forecast ahead. The British people also need to start taking things into their own hands as well and start taking care of themselves and not wait for the authorities. The next wave is even going to get much worst and everyone has to be fully prepared in order to survive it.
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