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Medical Spheres Inc  Oct 05, 2018  4 years ago
Medical Spheres Is Proud To Announce Its Expansion In The Asia-Pacific Medical and Pharmaceutical Marketing and Media Industries.
Medical Spheres Is Proud To Announce Its Expansion In The Asia-Pacific Medical and Pharmaceutical Marketing and Media Industries.
Medical Spheres Inc  Oct 05, 2018  4 years ago
Medical Spheres Inc, a New York based company with operations in America, Canada and also Europe through its office in London, is proud to announce its aggressive expansion plans in the Asia-Pacific Region for the next 5 years.

For its Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry based Marketing, Branding, PR, Research and Event Services Division, it started its Asia-Pacific expansion with the opening of its Bangkok Office at Emporium Tower on August 2018 with an initial team of 7 highly trained and experienced staff, followed by the opening of its Hanoi, Beijing and Mumbai offices in November 2018. Rep offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Tokyo and Taipei are scheduled for opening in August  2019. These offices are tasked with serving existing International clients from its US, Canadian and European markets such as International Pharmaceutical Brands, Hospital Management Companies, plus also new local clients from the respective countries the offices are located at.

Its Asia Pacific Media division is launching initially 40 online Medical and Pharmaceutical sites including www.thailandmedical.news, www.thailandcancerhelp.com, www.thailandnaturalhealth.com, www.thaimedtourism, www.thailandhospitalnews.com , www.thailandpharma.news,www.bestthaidoctors.com,www.aseanmedcial.news, www.aseanpharma.news, www.vietnammedical.news, www.chinamedical.news, www.indiamedical.news, www.malaysiamedical.news, www.usmedical.news etc. Most of these sites will begin a soft launch starting on July 15th 2019. This will bring the total number of sites related to Medical and the Pharmaceutical Industry to about 230 sites globally while plans are underway to reach a target of about 400 sites by 2020 targeting various needs and aspects of these industries.

Its media division is also launching a total of 6 print publications targeting various aspects of the Medical, Hospital and Pharmaceutical industries in Asia-Pacific along with 2 Medical-related TV programs in languages including Thai, Malay, Mandarin, Hindi, Tagalog, Vietnamese and also English on various regional TV networks. Also in the pipeline are the publications of various Health and Medical Books in Thai, Vietnamese, Malay and Mandarin, for sales and distribution in various regional markets.

Its specialized media, research and development division will be launching a total of 18 Medical related apps before August 2019 while also setting up Cancer Resource Centre in Bangkok, Hanoi, Mumbai, Beijing and Jakarta, that are scheduled to be open and fully functional by July 2020.

We will be making constant announcements or bulletins of all new developments in the Asia Pacific Region and we welcome all enquiries or interest in joint collaborations. Please email any enquiries to info@medicalspheres.com.


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