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Source: Thailand Medical News- Editorial  May 22, 2021  1 year ago
B1.617-The SARS-CoV-2 Variant That Arose As A Result Of The Chinese Virus ‘Cohabiting’ With Indians, Now In Thailand ‘Raping’ Locals!
B1.617-The SARS-CoV-2 Variant That Arose As A Result Of The Chinese Virus ‘Cohabiting’ With Indians, Now In Thailand ‘Raping’ Locals!
Source: Thailand Medical News- Editorial  May 22, 2021  1 year ago
For goodness sakes can the media stop being so racialistic! Did the headlines get your attention? Or should we present examples with even more xenophobic  tones with headlines like: “The World Health Organization That Is Headed By An Incompetent “Black" Fails To Control The Initial Spread Of The Chinese Virus That Has Ruined Countries Worldwide.” (Note we are not making any racial remarks here, merely presenting an example of one!... we do not support racialism.)

We are simply giving examples here of how the media and social media posts are getting more and more racialistic each day and surprisingly the WHO officials who initially were against calling the initial SARS-CoV-2 virus the Wuhan Virus or Chinese Virus have not protested and in some cases themselves have used terms like Brazilian virus, South African variant or Indian virus, Californian variant, British variant etc.
The world is going through one of the worst times and it is not going to get any better…in fact it is only a matter time that we are going to see a real catastrophic surge globally as the second and third generation SARS-CoV-2 variants emerge or even reassortant strains.
The world needs more than ever to unite, cast aside our differences, political views, racial and colour biasnesses and learn to love all fellow humans and help each other. The rich should reach out to the poor, the advantaged to the disadvantaged, the young to the old, the educated to the non-educated, the strong to the weak, etc.
More well off nations like America, Israel etc should stop to focus only on their own countries and instead be more compassionate and charitable to the needs of other poorer nations.
Muslims should stop being conceited and only think about helping their own kind but instead reach out to others of other faiths as well and the same goes for people of other religions as well. In a crisis like this, the only religion that counts is the religion of love for all humans.
It is disheartening when we hear of reports of Chinese men in Singapore beating up Indian women etc claiming that the Indians are spreading the virus. They apparently had short term memory and should remember the virus originated in China and was deliberately spread across the world by the Chinese government who did not stop its infected citizens from travelling overseas and spreading the disease, along with the help of the incompetent WHO.
But it is also time that we forgive the Chinese people but not the Chinese government. They did not ask to be infected and just like any human in dire and distress, they were simply trying to run away to protect their loved ones with no ill intentions against the others.
We should really stop using terms like Chinese virus, Indian variants or UK variants etc and simply refer to it by its official names like B.1.617 strains or P1 strains or B.1.1.7 strains etc which properly educated people would do.
Off late many Thai mainstream media and also so called Thai professionals and virus ‘experts’(In reality there are no real credible experts in Thailand…all are merely regurgitating what they read elsewhere!)have been constantly been referring to the B.1.617 variant as the Indian virus and also always pointing out to foreigners like the poor Burmese labourers that they rely on for cheap and exploited labour and other foreigners especially the poorer Westerners who sadly made Thailand their homes (Rich Westerners would normally never choose Thailand as their first choice to relocate unless they are hiding from something or are sex perverts!) as being the culprits for the current virus surge in Thailand. They failed to mention that it was actually triggered by rich local sex perverts frequenting the upmarket brothels and pubs where lots of freelance prostitutes hang out in the so called ‘upper class’ Thonglor area.
They also failed to blame to those that were managing the country and the COVID-19 situation for failing to enforce more stringent measures that could have prevent the predicament that Thailand is in right now.

We should stop eyeing foreigners with suspicion or distaste.Instead reach out to help them as they too are fellow humans who did not ask to be infected with the virus.
As of this evening, news reports are emerging that the B.1.671 variant could be far more rampant in the country that what was originally claimed and if this is true, with the current of lack of proper measures in place, its only weeks before Thailand resembles another India.
The situation is also becoming worse in various countries across the world with even new surges expected in UK.
If the world does not united and people start reaching out to each other and learning to cooperate and share information and data, the next new surges are going to probably eradicate at least 25 percent of the global population in the next 3 years.
Mainstream media and social media accounts should stop racialistic headlines and also stop referring to original locations that the variants emerged from but rather use the official name. Educated politicians, ‘experts’ and professionals should also do the same when addressing the media.

In the coming weeks and months, people should start uniting and focusing on the impending catatrosphic surges that no country is ever going to be immune from despite whatever fallacies they might currently have.


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