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Source: Coronavirus News  Mar 12, 2020  3 years ago
A World In Turmoil Thanks To China, WHO Finally Calls The Covid-19 A Pandemic
A World In Turmoil Thanks To China, WHO Finally Calls The Covid-19 A Pandemic
Source: Coronavirus News  Mar 12, 2020  3 years ago
As of Thursday (March 12th) morning, there are now 126,054 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 disease spanning 112 countries, 4617 deaths, 5944 Critical cases and more than 2 million suspected cases pending tests globally with figures expected to rise dramatically the next few weeks. The losses from the global economy and stock markets from the last 9 days alone as been estimated to have run into at least 11 trillion dollars.

To date, China has not even made a public apology for its incompetence that resulted in this global situation, but rather is trying to project its diplomatic prowess and superiority by offering handouts of medical supplies to shameless politicians around the globe who have no integrity and would sit and talk with any of China’s officials or diplomats. Citizens of such countries should take note as when the next elections come, such politicians and their parties deserve not even a single vote to remain in power.
White House national security adviser, Robert O'Brien commented on Wednesday (March 11) during a press briefing that China did not initially handle the coronavirus outbreak well, likely costing the world two months when it could have prepared and dramatically limited the outbreak.
He said,"Unfortunately, rather than using best practices, this outbreak in Wuhan was covered up," citing reports from Chinese citizens about doctors being silenced or put into isolation "so that the word of this virus could not get out." "It probably cost the world community two months to respond," during which "we could have dramatically curtailed what happened both in China and what's now happening across the world."
In the US, there are now 1,304 confirmed infected cases in 42 out of 50 states and 38 deaths so far. There at least 41,850 suspected cases currently pending investigations and testing. America is expected is to hot very badly by the epidemic due to incompetence by the CDC and NIH officials which have indirectly allowed a massive spread of the disease.
Italy that is facing a nationwide shutdown is one of the most badly hit countries in Europe, there are 12, 462 confirmed infected cases, 827 deaths and more than a million suspected cases at the moment. The country s facing a massive shortage of medical supplies, drugs and test kits and the EU has failed to even help a member state despite appeals from Italy.
India has announced that it is closing all its borders and also stopping issuing all visas and also stopped all Indians from travelling outside India. Though India has only 62 cases so far and no deaths, its estimated that there are at least 1,470 silent spreaders in the country which could wreak havoc. Most are Indian citizens who had travelled to or returned from high risk countries in the last 2 months and also certain Chinese and European travellers in the country.
Malaysia which has 149 confirmed cases so far is a frantic search for more than 5,000 of its citizens who might have been exposed to the virus after a religious event last weekend in which more than 10,000 locals and also foreigners attended a religious event and was exposed to a few participants who had the virus.
German Chan cellor Angela Merkel has warned yesterday that up to 70% of the country's population ie some 58 million people, could contract the coronavirus. Germany has 1,908 confirmed cases so far and 3 deaths.
France which has 2,281 and 48 deaths so far is expected a see a massive increase by next few days as more suspected cases are being detected.
South Korea
South Korea which initially claimed to its cases peaking is now seeing an increase once again in the last 24 hours with more mass infection clusters emerging. As of this morning the total number of confirmed cases in South Korea is 7,755 with 60 deaths.
Despite massive cover ups by the incompetent government in Iran, even their official figures are already indicating that the country has very little chances of coming out not being severely hit. To date, the figures released by state authorities in Iran claim that there are only 9,000 confirmed cases and only 354 deaths. However doctors on the ground are claiming that figures are much more.
More updates on the rest of the countries coming soon.
Meawhile the hopeless and incompetent WHO has declared that the coronacvirus is indeed a pandemic as of yesterday.
We urge the public to avoid all WHO and US CDC websites and to start an online petition to have their sites removed and also not supported by any social media groups as they have failed the global citizens. We also urge the global citizens to start more online petitions for these shameless leaders of these two organizations to step down.

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