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Source: Biological Warfare  Nov 03, 2020  2 years, 10 months, 3 weeks, 6 days, 17 hours, 16 minutes ago

WARNING! Biological Warfare: Malicious Groups Resorting To Using COVID-19 To Create Homemade SAR-CoV-2 Based Bioweapons And Virus Bombs

WARNING! Biological Warfare: Malicious Groups Resorting To Using COVID-19 To Create Homemade SAR-CoV-2 Based Bioweapons And Virus Bombs
Source: Biological Warfare  Nov 03, 2020  2 years, 10 months, 3 weeks, 6 days, 17 hours, 16 minutes ago
Biological Warfare: There are more reports discreetly emerging around the world that malicious groups of people are using the COVID-19 pandemic to create more upheavals and chaos to meet their political and group’s goals by inhumane methods including leveraging on the current COVID-19 crisis by developing so called homemade bioweapons involving the usage of the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus. Their objective is to get more people inflicted and sickened with the virus so that it can be used for them to campaign for their objectives. Others are even more cold-hearted with the objective of wanting to see their enemies sickened and possibly dead.

Intelligence official and police authorities need to focus on such threats as the effects can be catastrophic.
The problem however is that with the virus pandemic already in motion, it is very difficult to detect and catch the perpetrators of such actions.
Thailand Medical News had covered an article about one such incident in the U.S. in the past, but here was never any follow ups by the mainstream media or even by concerned authorities.
It is very easy for a person to be malicious by knowing that they are already infected but yet deliberately going out into crowded areas to purposely spread the virus to others.
In some social media platforms and threads in the United States, because of the wide disparity between the rich and the middle classes, there were even posts suggesting that the middle classes who were infected should deliberately visit the more upper end supermarkets, shopping malls and localities to deliberately get the rich infected.
Some even were smart to know about the effects of co-infections and suggested that people from different counties that had witnessed the prevalence of different strains, get together and congregate at targeted locations so that hopefully their victims could get infected and suffer more severely by being exposed to multiple strains(whether that works or not we are not really sure and whether it backfires on the perpetrators themselves is another thing.)
On the dark web, there are so many DIY sites with even elaborate methods to create viral bombs and biowarfare weapons involving the SAR-CoV-2 coronavirus
There is one that teaches individuals how to cultivate and propagate SARS-CoV-2 virus cultures using either commercial growth mediums available online ie commercial foetal bovine serums or to make your own foetal bovine serums simply by slaughtering a pregnant cow and draining the blood of the foetus and simply letting it to coagulate and then collecting the serum that appears around the coagulated the blood. (foetal bovine serum contains extremely little antibodies and are suitable for growing virus cultures, foetal swine serum can also be used as a substitute) By simply getting a nasal swab or sputum of an infected person and placing it into the serum and keeping it at temperatures of between 16 to 24 degrees Celsius, one can cultivate a virus culture in hours that can be used as a bioweapon by simply diluting it with chlorine free water and using any tools to spray it on unsuspecting individuals or placing the fluids into breakable mediums such at plastic balls etc to be thrown at mobs and rallies etc. Such preparations can remain “active” or infectious for days and are colourless and odourless.
That site also proposes cultivating various strains of virus cultures and then mixing it to together, again with the possibility of creating a situation of co-infections with various strains with the objective that the infected might suffer disease severity.
On the dark web, there are even sites selling various identified strains including surprisingly so called antibody resistant strains! These are so easily sent across borders via sealed small plastic containers and are not detectable by the surveillances of postal agencies.
Literally anything that one needs to build such homemade bioweapons are available online and there are no laws or strict enforcements to stop some of these vendors from the United States, Europe and China.
While some of these groups are claiming that a sense of being unable to do anything and desperation is driving them to take revenge against the rich and the elite classes, there are others who are doing it as they think that they are helping to create herd immunity in a targeted community!
Yet there are some groups that are saying that the COVID-19 infections and deaths have not yet reach a critical number that would trigger more actions to be taken or for governments to really start taking things seriously. They also say that people are also not taking the pandemic seriously yet as the numbers of infected and deaths are still considered low.
To a certain existence we at TMN do agree with the latter but we do not agree and are against the deployment of such malicious and criminal actions. In our endeavors to try to raise funds for our herb and phytochemical based COVID-19 therapeutics research and development projects, we found that many rich companies and individuals were reluctant to support such causes as it did not make money for them. And yes perhaps if more people were infected and more people died then only maybe people would be more willing to help or if the relatives of the rich or the individuals themselves or the owners and employees of such big corporations were infected.
It would be interesting to see if certain South-East Asian countries that have a huge population who were asymptomatic to the earlier milder strains from Wuhan lineage were to get masses infected by the more aggressive and antibody resistant strains. Maybe then more individuals would be willing to help for such research causes and also wake up from their modes of complacency. With the current political protest and rallies in some of such countries, such biowarfare threats could easily become a reality.
The authorities concerned should keep a more stringent outlook for these possible threats.
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