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Staff Writer, TMN  Jul 11, 2018  5 years, 2 months, 1 week, 6 days, 11 hours, 17 minutes ago

The New Electronic and Digital Stethoscopes

The New Electronic and Digital Stethoscopes
Staff Writer, TMN  Jul 11, 2018  5 years, 2 months, 1 week, 6 days, 11 hours, 17 minutes ago

Our Selection of the best models

The world has seen so much growing sophistication in smartphones, internet services, and computers. The good news for health workers is that stethoscopes were not left out. Today, we have electronic stethoscopes.
But now that we have several companies and brands producing these techy stethoscopes, it may become a little confusing in choosing what the best electronic stethoscope for you is.
This is why we have written this guide.
In this guide, we will review the top 5 digital stethoscopes on the market today, stating the plausible features and downsides associated with each. We will look at the pros and cons you should consider before making your informed choice.
This isn't just the regular product review that tries to sell you a particular product, instead, this review will give you a fair and complete assessment of each stethoscope without trying to be biased by favoring a particular brand.
So, without wasting any more time, let's dive into our best electronic stethoscopes in the market right now. We'll start by listing them and then digging into their details a bit later.
Best Electronic Stethoscopes

1. 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200- Overall Best

This stethoscope is our best electronic stethoscope for several reasons. If you want a stethoscope that looks really good, fancy and will wow your friends, you should go for this. It is the standard digital stethoscope today, laden with many techy features that make it stand out.

Digital Stethoscopes

It is produced by Littmann which is the most popular and perhaps most trust-worthy stethoscope brand today. Littmann is known not to compromise on quality or using substandard design materials.
This stethoscope has a superb amplification, it helps to make sounds clearer. It can amplify sounds by up to 24 times. So, what this means for a clinician is that those low unclear sounds will be louder with this device, and you can distinguish different sounds better. 
Another good thing about it is that it lowers background noise. For a device that provides excellent sound amplification, the last thing you'll want to experience is the addition of ugly ambient sounds to your sound mix, disturbing your auscultation and irritating your ears. This stethoscope does a great job at lowering ambient sounds by up to 85%.
In addition, this Littmann model goes further by adding a 30-second audio-recording feature and Bluetooth connectivity. What this means is that you can record and save up to twelve 30-second clips and replay for your other colleagues, for the patient to hear or even for yourself at a later time. You can also connect this stethoscope to a Bluetooth device and play the sounds remotely. To wrap up its tech, it has an LCD screen that shows you some parameters like the battery level, the patient's heart rate, and the sound level.
These special features are what makes this Littmann model outstanding when compared with other electronic stethoscopes.
Away from all the tech, it has other features that almo st all Littmann stethoscopes have. Its non-chill diaphragm makes auscultation comfortable for your patients, it has a long-lasting, next-generation tubing that can be used by people with latex sensitivity and a very comfortable headset. 
Now, to its downsides. 
Price may be a concern for many people who don't want to spend more than 400 bucks on a single stethoscope piece. After all, that money can get you about 4 awesome Littmann non-electronic stethoscopes or 10 lightweight stethoscopes. 
Another thing is there have been some reports of tech failure, either the battery having issues or the parts falling off or an error in function. All these aren't so uncommon. However, Littmann gives a 2-year warranty with this model, so you won't have any problems getting a replacement if yours develops a fault.
Here's a summary of its pros and cons:


  • Beautifully designed
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Amplifies sounds up to 24 times
  • Reduced background noise by 85%
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can record up to twelve 30-second clips


  • Not the cheapest stethoscope
  • Technical issues aren't uncommon
  • Not so useful in pediatric patients


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