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Source: Thailand Coronavirus News  Mar 17, 2020  3 years ago
Thailand Coronavirus Update: Crisis Proving That Thailand Not A Medical Hub After All! Private Hospitals Scamming Patients Especially Foreigners While Public Sector Not Prepared
Thailand Coronavirus Update: Crisis Proving That Thailand Not A Medical Hub After All! Private Hospitals Scamming Patients Especially Foreigners While Public Sector Not Prepared
Source: Thailand Coronavirus News  Mar 17, 2020  3 years ago
Thailand Coronavirus Updates: The number of confirmed case of infected Covid-19 cases in Thailand as of now as claimed by Government health authorities is only 147 with one dead so far. Thai authorities are still claiming that we are only at stage two of the crisis although doctors both at private and government and even some health officials are now claiming a different scenario. The government can use the Fake news and misinformation platforms to conceal the situation but not for long as the walls are already beginning to crumble.

If we do not have that many Covid-19 cases why are all public hospitals already over crammed and people with symptoms being asked to come back later (we have evidence on this on video and witnesses so do not dare to accuse us of disseminating fake news or will sue legally!) Why are there so many PUIs (patient under investigation) being hospitalized for a long time when a test needs 20 to 25 minutes to confirm the results and another 24 hours to confirm it.
On the other have we have been receiving so many complains sent to us about incidences at private hospitals. Many Thais even with premium health insurance policies are being turned away from the private hospitals for Covid-19 treatments. These hospitals will charge you initial amounts for basic checking and also for initial meds and services and then if you insists of having a Covid-19 test done, they will charge you even more, then ask you to transfer to a government hospital that has no place. No private hospitals to date are willing to treat any Covid-19 patients in-house.
To make matters worse, many of these private hospitals are practicing double tier pricings for checkups and test, one for Thais and another for foreigners.
The mask issues have also yet to be resolved with still more blames at Caucasian foreigners being labeled as dirty and not wearing mask when so far all cases of Thais being infected by foreigners have been due to Chinese, Hong Kong and Singaporean Chinese tourists not any Caucasian foreigners but yet these Thai officials who have an affinity for ‘rimming’ the Chinese have yet to criticize the Chinese! Meanwhile the Foreign Embassies, Ambassadors and Consuls have not spoken out about these double standards to protect their citizens as they seem to be also busy ‘rimming’ the xenophobic officials.

Though as a Thai I am ashamed to see all such double standards, I have to say that the ‘farang’ community also deserve it for being so silent and not reacting harshly enough to such public discriminatory practices against them. They can even start an online petition etc and ask their governments for total trade, travel and support boycotts. Also post online in their home countries about the names of these private hospitals and their practices.
Meanwhile it seems that the various coalition parties in the government are each trying to take their own stands on the coronavirus efforts without a real united concerted effort. The Bhumjaithai group has already made Buriram, their stronghold, under lockdown without the government support, trying to showcase their prowess in solving the issue. The Democrats controlling the commerce ministry have yet to solve the mask issues while some other parties are more busy as to how to exploit the situation to make money for themselves! The opposition like the hopeless Pheu Thai have absconded and left their poor followers to fend for themselves and have yet to help their supporters in the provinces with mask or test kit supplies and help while the Fast forward group is only busy solving their own problems as to how to stay alive as a grouping but have yet to address the coronavirus issues for the 6 million people who have voted for them. The poor Thai people really have no one to really help them in this current health crisis but themselves. Unfortunately most still have no clue of the seriousness and some are simply dumb and irresponsible while almost all will also have short memories and not keep in their minds how the various politicians have failed them in this situation.
Even Thai healthcare professionals do not know how to unite and collaborate with each other to share information in a non-egoistic setting and also to demand for what they need.
We are hearing stories about how there are not enough PPEs and mask in public hospitals and also there are not enough ventilators in the country for a crisis (we checked! so stop lying), there are not even enough drug supplies if about 10 percent of the populations is infected. In countries like Germany and France, they expect at least 70 per cent of the population to contract it and we are talking about countries where people have a better education level and social discipline and understand the need for isolation and also social distancing whereas in Thailand we have people who lack responsibility and are still making travel plans to take advantage of cheap airfares and hotels!
We mentioned how there are post-prophylaxis and pre-prophylaxis alternatives available for healthcare professionals, but no one is paying attention to us here in Thailand. (https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/breaking-coronavirus-research-shows-that-arbidol-could-help-in-post-exposure-prophylaxis-pep-of-covid-19-transmission-among-healthcare-workers) and (https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/breaking-coronavirus-research-could-echinacea-act-as-a-prophylaxis-against-the-sars-cov-2-coronavirus-more-research-warranted)
We heard that the home delivery escort service is booming at the moment with many new online sites being opened and they are getting a better following and likes on social media compared to a medical news site like ours in Thailand.
Perhaps the coronavirus might be a blessing after all, if it is as bad as the 1918 flu pandemic, and if at least 20 percent of the world populations is wiped out, lets pray that it includes politicians, the uniformed personnel, the corrupted, the rich, the bad, private hospital owners and administrators and greedy doctors, PR and marketing staff from pharmaceutical and medical device companies and also hospitals, the startup agencies and their staff, banks and their staff,finance companies , owners and staff of social media platforms etc. (lol..just kidding here)
We generally expect the situation to accelerate at a very fast pace in the country soon and in short time soon and is most probably going to be a major disaster.
For more on Thailand coronavirus updates, please keep on logging to our site. We are having more features coming up soon.

PS: We ask all readers who have had bad experiences with private hospitals to keep on sending details with your correct email contacts as we are compiling it also for a major complains to the consumer  boards, ministries etc We need receipts and medications lists and as much details as possible, keep on sending it to us. Thank You.


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