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Source: Editorial  Oct 12, 2021  1 year, 11 months, 1 week, 2 days, 17 hours, 37 minutes ago

STUPID MORONS Saying That “We Should Learn To Live With The Virus” Or “That If COVID-19 Becomes Endemic, Everything Is Going To Be OK!”

STUPID MORONS Saying That “We Should Learn To Live With The Virus” Or “That If COVID-19 Becomes Endemic, Everything Is Going To Be OK!”
Source: Editorial  Oct 12, 2021  1 year, 11 months, 1 week, 2 days, 17 hours, 37 minutes ago
I cringe whenever I see stupid government leaders around the world making public statements like “We should learn to live with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus” or what certain so called health officials or so called “experts” are telling the masses that the COVID-19 disease will become endemic and that things will then become manageable or ok!” Only the even more stupid masses or stupid American and British mainstream media will fall for such garbage!

It is because these morons failed in curtailing the outbreak and spread of the SARS-CoV-2 and because the COVID-19 pandemic has been badly mismanaged from day one that we are now in the stage where the disease is no longer controllable even with the mass vaccination programs in place and as the novel coronavirus continues to evolve spawning newer more potent immune evasive variants.
The only thing that these stupid morons can do is to suppress and hide information and critical data and pray that hopefully the stupid masses will lap up whatever fake news that is being disseminated to them. Fortunately for them a large percentage of the populations worldwide are indeed stupid enough to believe all that garbage.
Another group of selfish morons are the business owners and professionals especially those involved in the tourism and travel industry who are still living in the ‘old days’ and hoping that once lockdowns and border controls are eliminated, they could go back to their old glory without a clue as to what the dangers posed by the current stage of the COVID-19 pandemic we are in. These morons had almost two years to adapt, change their business models etc but instead where only waiting for the virus to go away and for things to resume back to normal.
Well I have got news for all of these stupid morons, things are never going back to the old days and neither will there be a ‘new normal’ of a new world where we and the novel coronavirus are living co-existentially happily.
The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is not simply like some influenza virus or like herpes etc.
No matter what, we should never shift from a policy of elimination to suppression and the Zero COVID strategy is still the best policy at the current time and continuous preventive measures such as border controls, social distancing, the vulnerable being isolated, mask wearing and lockdowns are more than essential. I fact we have not being doing enough and things are not even as stringent as the are supposed to be.
Many countries like the United Kingdom, the United States etc are switching from elimination to suppression.
Many who argue that COVID-19 will become endemic and part of our lives either do not understand or ignore what this would actually mean.
The word elimination has always been a tricky word because it implies eradication. But to date, the human race have only ever eradicated one human disease and that is smallpox.
For many, the end of elimination now means we should let the virus spread. But semantics matter less than policy. If we don't eliminate, we must still aim to contain, curtail, reduce close to zero and thwart this pandemic.
The first thing that everyone has to understand is that we certainly cannot live with endemic SARS-CoV-2.
Just the Delta variant alone spreads ominously and without controls, every infected pers on, on average, would infect six more, then 36, 216, 1296, 7776, 46,656 and in three more cycles, we would be reaching more than 10 million individuals and in another 3 more cycles we hit more than 2 billion people!
We have newer Delta subvariants that are even more transmissible than the main Delta variant and some more immune evasive and some even more virulent but they have yet to become dominant in circulation. We also have many other variants still emerging and still evolving.
The world must continue to either stamp out the virus or keep case numbers very low. To contain case numbers, a policy of stringent border protection, mask wearing, distancing, bubbles, contact tracing, testing of people and waste water, and constant vaccination is needed.
Currently, the Delta outbreak is affecting both the unvaccinated and also vaccinated as studies are confirming that the protection from the vaccines are waning plus the virus is becoming more immune evasive.
To date the most common endemic infections include the common cold (caused by hundreds of different viruses that circulate freely) and the flu (caused by a group of influenza viruses).
Individuals who dismiss a mild case of COVID-19 as being "no worse than the flu" have forgotten how appalling a case of flu really is. They might also have forgotten that, even with effective vaccination, influenza has a case fatality risk of about 0.1%.
The estimated infection fatality rate (IFR) of the Delta variant is about 3.4% or higher!
Hilariously some seem to expect that COVID-19 will learn to behave and become endemic. Some even seem to welcome this, claiming a "disease becomes endemic when it is manageable."
All this is far from the truth! Being manageable is not part of the definition of endemic disease. A disease becomes endemic when it is more or less always present in a population. It does not care whether it is manageable.
The seasonal influenza has a basic reproduction number (R0) of about 1.5, meaning one infected person spreads the disease to fewer than two other people, on average. This is why it takes very little to break the chain of transmission. The annual flu epidemic declines because we have effective vaccines and because seasonal conditions during summer are less favorable to the survival of the virus.
But in the case of the Delta variant, the R0 is at least six. This will be as low as it gets from here onward. If a new variant supplants Delta, it will do so because it is even more transmissible.
Kindly note that there will be no season for COVID-19, no breaks in transmission, no declines in infectiousness. We have been struggling worldwide with this virus for 22 months, with spikes everywhere in every season.
Should COVID-19 becomes endemic, there will not be one or two people sick in a workplace or a home. We will have waves and clusters and multiple local outbreaks. Schools and businesses will close for days, even weeks, because too many people are sick. It will cost the world trillions ie consider what it has already done to global supply chains.
Furthermore, if COVID-19 becomes endemic, the burden on public healthcare system will be immense. It will not involve a predictable, modest increase in hospital admissions. Waves and clusters will characterize endemic COVID-19 in the same way they have characterized pandemic COVID-19, overwhelming local healthcare without warning.
And mind you, I have not even touched on the other pandemic that is simultaneously occurring and expected to get far worse ie Long COVID!
Even developing new antivirals for treatment at this stage will only help the kinetics of the pandemic a bit. Treatment does not help—only prevention, public health measures and vaccination reduce case numbers. Those who are less sick and treated at home could spread the virus even more.
Should COVID-19 becomes endemic, when the healthcare system fails to accommodate the latest wave, more people will die.
Should we even managed to get COVID-19 down to the severity of influenza (for an individual), endemic Delta with an R0 of more than five times that of flu and the fully vaccinated still able to become infected and spread, would still mean thousands of hospitalizations and deaths each year.
Merely four cycles of Delta infection could result in more than 250 times as many cases as four cycles of flu.
Should COVID-19 becomes endemic, every year, many of us will know someone who dies!
Should COVID-19 becomes endemic, more than a third of unvaccinated cases, even the asymptomatic, will have symptoms months later. Flu leaves little lasting damage. Long COVID damages the lungs, heart, brain, kidneys, hearing and vision as well as the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, causing diabetes.
All the cost of COVID-19 is so much higher than that of the flu, not just because of higher case numbers, hospitalizations and deaths, but more long-term damage and disability.
Should COVID-19 becomes endemic, we will live with a stressed, often overwhelmed healthcare system, with schools subject to unpredictable closures, with unsafe workplaces, with a disrupted economy, with our children under threat, with death and disability at a persistently higher level than we have known, probably for decades.
Importantly we should not care what the current strategy is called as long as we persist with border protection and public health measures until we achieve a way to properly eradicate the SARS-CoV-2 virus once and for all. Otherwise, many thousands will continue to be hospitalized, die or experience long COVID.
What the world needs is a real effective sterilizing vaccine (one that protects people from getting infected) because we cannot live with endemic COVID-19.
To all the political leaders around the world, please stop lying and please stop coming up with stupid moronic statements.  Just admit how you have failed and stop manipulating the data on COVID-19 infections, COVID-19 deaths and excess deaths. Please stop bowing down to economic pressures and instead start devising and implementing a proper strategy to eradicate this bioweapon that has got out of controlled. Stop being greedy and stop manipulating science. The American and British mainstream media and journalists and social media platforms should be ashamed of yourselves for collaborating with those in power trying to conceal the truth.
In the coming weeks and months, the world will see the true impact of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and truly understand its dangerous nature.


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