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Source: India COVID-19 News  Jul 18, 2020  3 years ago
India COVID-19 News: India In Reality Has Already Surpassed America As Infected/Death Rates Are Estimated To Be 7 Times More Than What Is Being Reported
India COVID-19 News: India In Reality Has Already Surpassed America As Infected/Death Rates Are Estimated To Be 7 Times More Than What Is Being Reported
Source: India COVID-19 News  Jul 18, 2020  3 years ago
India COVID-19 News: The COVID-19 situation in India is totally grim as epidemiological modeling experts and medical researchers from Bengaluru are claiming that reported figures are not the least accurate as India does not have a proper reporting structure in place coupled with the fact that state governments are trying to conceal the actual impact of the crisis and also hospitals and doctors do not have a standard of reporting and even with what guidelines there are, most are not conforming to it. This has been echoed by doctors in the state of Bihar where in one remote village, in the last 7 days alone, there has been 41 deaths dues to strokes and as the dead were never tested for COVID-19, these deaths were never classified as being due to COVID-19 despite the fact all clinical manifestations pointing to it.

A sparsely equipped 10,000- 'bed' hospital in Delhi which many are terming a death camp!
Hospitals all over India are full and hospital beds are scarce and the so called make shift hospitals set up by state agencies are looking pathetic as they are inadequately furnished or lack the basic equipment required for a hospital. Most are looking like ‘death camps ’ for the less privileged.
To make matters worse test kits are also scare coupled with the fact that some of the test kits imported or even made in India are faulty.
To date India only claims to have a total of only 1,039,084 infected cases and 26,273 deaths. So far only 13,433,742 COVID-19 PCR tests have been done out of a total population of 1.38 billion people. Epidemiological experts from Bengaluru based on modeling platforms and data nationwide are claiming that the real figures could be much as 7 times higher with at least 6 to 7 million Indians already infected countrywide and at least 162,000 deaths have occurred so far.
The worst hit cities so far have been Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. But in the rural and obsure country side towns and villages, the situation is far worse with no one paying any attention.
Certain studies have shown that South Asians are genetically more predisposed to the disease and majority of older Indians have chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues due to their dietary habits and the fact that they are misers when it comes to spending on health supplements or healthcare products or taking care of their health.
India’s public healthcare was never ready to deal with such a scale of sick individuals; the country could be facing a major catastrophe.
To make matters worse, common Indians are falling for charlatans and ‘holymen’ coming up with various fake cures and treatments to make profits for themselves. There are phony homeopathic doctors peddling treatments that do not work.  While India’s ayurvedic treatments  are the best for certain medical conditions, many fake and untested ‘Ayush’ treatment protocols have emerged putting people at risk of assuming that they are being cured or protected from the novel coronavirus.
Medical scientist from elsewhere are also warning that newer strains could emerge in India and also multi-strain co-infections.
With the way things a re accelerating in India, even if a vaccine does appear, it will be of little help in India as the vaccines will only be able to offer short term protection of between 8 to 10 weeks the most but the disease dynamics in India might make it a futile effort.
The only salvation for India is if more people start taking the crisis seriously and start isolating, practice social distancing and take precautionary measures like wearing a mask and washing their hands regularly coupled with taking necessary meds and supplements and improving their diets to control their underlying metabolic diseases which could aggravate the situation.
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