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Source: Eurocron Variant  Mar 24, 2022  2 months ago
Eurocron Variant BA.2.2 Plus SI210T Mutation Fast Increasing In UK And Europe. Experts Need To Focus On Emerging Fast Evolving BA.2 Subvariants Globally!
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Eurocron Variant BA.2.2 Plus SI210T Mutation Fast Increasing In UK And Europe. Experts Need To Focus On Emerging Fast Evolving BA.2 Subvariants Globally!
Source: Eurocron Variant  Mar 24, 2022  2 months ago
While stupid mainstream media and ‘experts’ are trying to gain attention and are talking about the SARS-CoV-2 Deltacron variant, individuals should first understand that recombinant events among coronaviruses particularly originating from similar types are common and when we are in a pandemic where more than two variants or subvariants of the SARS-CoV-2 are in circulation, coinfections are the norm and recombinant events are likely to occur.

Some stupid doctors and mainstream media are mentioning things like 568 Deltacron sequences detected in India or 73 sequences in Thailand etc but what they failed to mention was that none of these sequences are the same! At the moment there are more than a hundred different types of Deltacron sequences ie during recombinant events, different mutations on each genome ‘transferred’ onto the final recombinant genome and some mutations from the spike, nucleocapsid and other structural proteins of each initial variant or subvariant does not make it.
Importantly there is to date, no single unique Deltacron sequence has demonstrated viral fitness and is becoming predominant in circulation!
What experts, scientists, doctors and the mainstream media should be focused on rather for the time being is the BA.2 subvariant which is really fast evolving and spawning constant mutations and subvariants and even third generation subvariants as it fights against natural and vaccine induced immunity, against monoclonal drugs and antivirals being used and also interacts with human host genes and latent host pathogens.
Already we are witnessing that the BA.2 is gaining advantage in terms of transmissibility and is even more adapted at withstanding environmental factors due to adapted conformational adaptations.

These newer emerging BA.2 subvariants are better at immune evasiveness and are also diplaying properties of binding with many more other human host receptors and not just the ACE2 which could lead to different pathogenic outsomes and also more long term health complications. (Urgent detailed studies warranted)
To date, if one was to really analyze the GISAID database, numerous BA.2 subvariants have emerged and are still emerging spotting unique mutations and increasing in occurrences. Besides the known BA.2.2, BA.2.2 and BA.2.3 many other BA.2 subvariants and even third generation variants have emerged in different parts of the world and are leading the new surges.
The BA.2.2 which is ravaging Hong Kong spots the unique spike protein mutation I1122T. The BA.2.3 which is circulating in Philippines spots the unique L140F mutation in the ORF3a.
A new BA.2 variant which is predominant in circulation in Vietnam spots 3 unique mutations in the ORF3a/N3 ie T2231I, L140F and more concerningly a D173Y mutation which is an emerging mutation in the diacidic sorting motif which could be deleterious.
Unknown to many, the current variant that is causing the surge in UK and is now spreading elsewhere to Europe including Switzerland, Austria, Germany etc is what we have called as the Eurocron variant.
The Eurocron variant is BA.2.2 subvariant with an additional spike mutation I1210T.
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This new variant accounts for more than 90 percent of all sequences found in the United Kingdom.
To make matters more complicated, we have also detected newer third generation subvariants of this Eurocron variant spotting additional mutations in various parts of Europe but at the moment are not increasing in terms of sequences detected.
Many newer BA.2 subvariants spotting unique mutations have also emerged and are gradually increasing in presence in Brazil, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea and even the United States but no one is focusing on these.

In China, researchers from the Pasteur Institute have warned that new BA.2 subvariants have also emerged in China but the Chinese authorties have instead got its state controlled media to talk about the Deltacron variants and not these emerging BA.2 subvariants which are at play in the country at the moment and causing surge in infections, hospitalizations and mortality. China is effectively concealing the daily death rates from COVID-19 and are painting a totally false narrative that its stringent measures that violate human rights are protecting the lives of its citizens!
Already we are also learning that of some unique cases in the UK where individuals infected with the original BA.2 variant are getting re-infected with the newer Eurocron variant although in a window of less than 90 days! This is worrying and should serve as alarm for researchers to shift and dedicated more on these merging BA.2 subvariants.
Thailand Medical News predicts that in the next few weeks and months before autumn when a newer lethal variant becomes dominant in circulation, the BA.2 and its ever emerging subvariants will keep on causing constant surges and reinfections.

I am but a ‘illiterate’ and perhaps the real experts out there instead of being arrogant and rude, can actually spend more time studying the sequences with focus on the BA.2 variants and tell us what is really happening.
We do however have evidence that the WHO, the US.CDC, ECDC and those controlling the COVID-19 narratives and serving the vaccine agenda are trying to conceal lots of emerging viral genomic data and that even the online sharing platforms such as GISAID etc are not properly updated recently.
For more on the Eurocron variant, keep on logging to Thailand Medical News.


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