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Source: Thailand Medical News  Jan 28, 2020  2 years ago
Death Toll In China now 106, Infected more than 4,000, Critical condition 532, Under Observation 68,300, Sri Lanka and Germany Confirms First Cases
Death Toll In China now 106, Infected more than 4,000, Critical condition 532, Under Observation 68,300, Sri Lanka and Germany Confirms First Cases
Source: Thailand Medical News  Jan 28, 2020  2 years ago
Sri Lanka and Germany has officially announced that both countries now have one case each of individuals infected with the new 2019-nCoV virus while Sri Lanka has another 17 individuals under observation while Germany has about 6 more under observation.
The  number of coronavirus infected cases internationally stands as :Thailand (8 cases), Hong Kong (8 cases), United States (5 cases), Macau (5 cases), Australia (5 cases), Singapore (4 cases), Malaysia (4 cases), Taiwan (4 cases), South Korea (4 cases),  Japan (3 cases), France (3 cases), Vietnam (2 cases), Canada (1 case), Nepal (1 case), Mexico (1 case) and Africa-Cote d’Ivoire (1), Sri Lanka (1 case), Germany (1 case).
It must be noted that this figures are not accurate as many countries have placed a lot of suspected cases under observation while waiting for diagnostic and genomic tests to ascertain that these patients are confirmed to be having the new 2019-nCoV strain. Also in certain countries like Pakistan etc, such tests are not available. Certain countries are also concealing figures due to economical and political reasons. In one particular instance, a few days ago, Philippine’s health authorities held a press conference to announce that  a child had the coronavirus and test had confirmed it, but later another press conference was held using a junior WHO official who is based in Manila to declare that Philippines is free from the coronavirus!
China Health authorities released data much later this morning after Thailand Medical News released a story about the shortage of test kits in the country and the non-proper protocol of collating data and releasing figures during morning and evening press briefings.
Details of that story can be found here:,-also-cambodia-reports-first-case
The China health authorities thiis morning said that the figures are only a rough estimate. The death toll is now 106 and the number infected is more than 4,514, with 532 under critical condition and more than 68,300 under observation all over China. (Note that all figures released by China Health authorities are not reliable)
Meanwhile, WHO officials in Beijing yesterday also confirmed the dire situation in China with regards of acute shortages of medical supplies such as test kits, medical gowns and even NSAIDS and painkillers etc.
It is reported that since the 16th of January, more than 7 million people had sought treatment all over hospitals and clinics in China for suspected flu and pneumonia-like symptoms but most were not diagnosed for the new coronavirus as there were no test kits available.
At the moment just in Hubei province alone, more than 32,000 peopl e are classified as being under observation despite displaying all the symptoms of the new coronavirus but due to lack of the test kits, no one can confirm if they are infected with the new coronavirus strain.
Meanwhile, Beijing also reported its first death due to the new coronavirus strain. This was an 80 year old woman who did test positive for the virus prior to dying.
Health officials in Hong Kong and UK are saying that preliminary analysis of the situation in China indicates that as of now, there should be at least more than 300,000 cases of individuals infected with the disease and also that the virus is mutating despite claims that it is not.
The most scary aspect is that the China Health Minister himself has confirmed that the new coronavirus can be spread by infected individuals who are not showing symptoms, through their exhaled air and that the virus has an incubation period of up to 14 days.
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